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unicode Chinese Chess (xiangqi) characters 🩠 🩡 🩢 🩣 🩤 🩥 🩦 🩧 🩨 🩩 🩪 🩫 🩬 🩭 ♞ 🂡 🎲 Unicode Chess ♞ Cards 🂡 Dice 🎲 still don't show on Mac nor Windows 10

macOS Catalina upgrade notes

just upgraded my MacMini (late 2014) from high sierra to Catalina. (skipping majove) the upgrade is smooth. Takes about 50 min. so far, no problem, except brave browser crashing (prob fix by tomorrow).

my Mac Mini Late 2014 Spec

xah Mac mini 2014  2020-02-17 thkq8
xah Mac mini 2014 2020-02-17

MacOS since version version 10.14 (aka macOS Mojave) released in 2018, now changes your disk format from HFS Plus to the new APFS Apple File System . APFS is new in 2017.

macOS APFS 2020-02-17 8m25k
macOS APFS 2020-02-17

uBlockOrigin lost on the Mac. https://github.com/el1t/uBlock-Safari/issues/158 soon gone on Google Chrome too. while Firefox is donating to antifa, n sell your data. uBlock adBlock etc were open source now malware. (the story of open source) Faak the open source fsf skums that got us this situation.

Note that the default shell is zsh. Apple stopped using bash because its license is GPLv3, which is control freak license from FSF. (for the same reason, the emacs bundled with Mac is 10 years old version) So, Apple simply switched to zsh. Which is actually a better shell.

so apple now has MacOS, iOS and iPadOS. i think Microsoft's better, just 1 win OS.

minor corrections. thanks to “and hi”

How to Calibrate Monitor Color

old linux rant, on monitor color calibration. written in 2013-02-12

linux, desktop. So, this poor sob got a new monitor. The monitor shines in vivid colors, like, red is more red, and skins is a glowing pink. So, this poor sob wanna calibrate his monitor. O, i'm on the great linux desktop. After some web search, i forgot such tools are buildin in Mac and Windows, as the search results kept reminding me.

After a while, stack-overflow-ubuntu 'n' all, i found this thing called gnome-color-manager. Great, since i'm expert unix master so i went apt-get and quickly installed it. (searching for the right package name and all i won't bog you down with). But how do i run the thing? xfce control panel's doing a no show. My nice bash name-completion system showed gcm-view, gcm-calibrate, etc, but they don't work. Man pages are on the quite side when you need them to talk. More Gooogle skynet, i'm glad the right answer is gcm-prefs --verbose to launch the nice GUI we are un-dying for. But gcm-prefs don't exist here.

Thank you linux, for, i've decided not to do anything about this. You are my time saver today! If i were on a Mac or Windows, i'd doubtless wasted hours for useless appearance things.

xah MacMini cpu 2020-02-13 vv8dn
xah MacMini cpu 2020-02-13

Understand Cell Phone Tech

xah on 5g 2020-02-13 gmjbv
xah on 5g 2020-02-13 gmjbv
electromagnetic spectrum 2020-02-13 sgm88
electromagnetic spectrum

electromagnetic spectrum. important to understand modern tech around us.

[lessons learned from guile, the ancient & spry By Andy Wingo. At https://wingolog.org/archives/2020/02/07/lessons-learned-from-guile-the-ancient-spry ]

incoming! coding spam

eXtreme Programing and Agile Voodoo

xah programing spam of the day

SGI Logo Visual Illusion
new addendum at bottom, on SGI logo 3d demo.

tip of the day

ad blocker collateral damage euphemism

apparently, adblock or ublockorigin will block a image talking about google ad ban.


Google AdSense Ban on Ancient Asian Goddess Sculpture Page

and the screenshots are not shown. Turn off ad blocker, it shows.

The cause is the image file name. If rename so it doesn't contain “google adsense”, then it works.

faak google and open source, fsf, fanatics.

well, typically, the open source fsf fanatics, they think ad blocking is way to go. and that is the problem i have here. military euphemism: collateral damage. talking about google ban gets filtered out.

my claim: it is the open source, fsf, fanatics, these idiots, that got us into this condition. Far worse than 20 years ago. not to mention cloud.

i have a article on that! Tech Geekers vs Spammers

by the way, in the process of debugging this, i found data-dapp-detection JavaScript.

data-dapp-detection JavaScript 2020-01-23 9pzsg
data-dapp-detection JavaScript 2020-01-23 9pzsg

Linux: Man Page Keys

the idiocy of programers Web Design: Grey Text on White Background


orphaned articles

Intro to COBOL

Intro to COBOL by @Sezen . Truly great intro. turned out well and i learned COBOL.

Quick COBOL Basics Lecture (OpenCOBOL/GNUCobol)
Jan 18, 2020
Sezen Spessa

The TeX Pestilence (Why TeX/LaTeX Sucks)

i have a article on that! search term of the day: xah lee foo bar!

Hackers and the Foobar Phrase

omg, mixing tabs n spaces r the worst!!!! i have a article on that! search term of the day: xah lee tabs vs space the final say on the matter!

Programing: Tab vs Space in Source Code

The Unix Pestilence just updated. the unix history you don't know


macOS command line tips

show os version

sw_vers -productVersion


OpenBSD logo tq96y
OpenBSD logo tq96y

The Unix Pestilence

my primary font concerns are, ① it has most math symbols and common chars (printer's symbols ¶ § … • ★ ® ✓ etc) ② distinguish 0 O o 1 l I

image save resolution 2020-01-07 py7sp
image save resolution 2020-01-07 py7sp

do we have media experts? should you save the resolution? why or why not?

Linux: Download Website: wget, curl

Unicode for Programers

Command to Download YouTube Video

Convert Video from Different Formats

Clojure = lisp wart

Clojure: Magic Characters ' \ @ ^ # ` ~ .


The piping syntax problem is solved by Mathematica 30 years ago

The piping syntax problem is solved by Mathematica 30 years ago 😤 The thing about piping to 2nd 3rd etc args is no good. When pipe, best to let it juts have 1 arg. but, for the need to pipe to 2nd arg, you solve it by a generic function notation that has slots for 2nd etc args. for example, here's a function of x+y, like this (#1+#2 &) , parenthesis optional.

screenshot 2020-01-03 sfvpd
Math: Density Plots of Trig Expressions

for example, to pipe to 2nd arg, we have have this x | f(3,#)

to pipe to 3rd arg, this x | f(a,b,#)

ontology of JavaScript python ruby java dot notation vs unix pipe vs function chaining, 2020-01-02

the path to homotopy type theory

got this accolade ♥.

xahlee math youtube 2020-01-02 5j5nm
Xah Talk Show 2019-08-07 story of math crisis, math foundation, proof theory, and homotopy type theory

the path to homotopy type theory: group theory, universal algebra, category theory, proof theory. a turbulent path, that reflects chronology too

hacker nerds font and kerning obsession

hacker nerd font obsession 2019-12-31 b9prf
hacker nerd font obsession 2019-12-31 b9prf

Python: Transpose Matrix

did you know, ocaml and haskell's syntax came from a nutjob? OCaml Syntax Sucks

of course. i have a article on that. ASCII Characters ␀ ␣ ¶

all you wanna know about sort

julia language uses the “end” keyword. nasty.

Language Syntax: Brackets vs Begin/End vs Indentation for Nesting

programing, logic, proof system. good book?


erlang vs haskell vs ocaml. year 2012

xah quora erlang haskell ocaml 2019-12-27 th93g
xah quora erlang haskell ocaml 2019-12-27

Design Patterns Snake Oil

why software sucks 2019-12-26 6kpbd
Why Software Suck

and there's a story to that article. the article was written in 2001. Someone posted it to hackernews in 2010. Then, same fak at hackernews ban'd xahlee.org detail: Hacker News, Xahlee.org, and What is Politics?

oh the actual article is Ban Xah Lee

macOS Time Machine, HFS+, exFAT, which?

bought a external disk. See External Flash Drive


macos time machine popup 2019-12-22 gk598
macOS Time Machine popup 2019-12-22

the question is, should i use the Mac's Time Machine for backup?

After some research, the answer is no, because:

To use the Apple Time Machine backup, the disk needs to be formatted in apple's file system HFS Plus. Using HFS Plus means, the disk will be difficult to use in Microsoft Windows or Linux.

So, no.

also, today's interchange disk format is exFAT, which is relatively new (designed in 2006), and very popular. exFAT is also designed with flash drive in mind. It doesn't have the various FAT FAT16 FAT32 format problems or the aged NTFS.

stuck in erlang hell

erlang 2019-12-22 g6gb8
erlang 2019-12-22 g6gb8

press control+c twice to exit.

mac homebrew phone home

mac homebrew phone home 2019-12-22 sh9pp
mac homebrew phone home 2019-12-22 sh9pp

to turn it off, run

brew analytics off

todo. • write about golang int float division. • write about number to string. • write about string to number.

Golang Tutorial

Xah Talk Show
八雲 紫(やくも ゆかり) Yukari Yakumo, divination, trigram, hexagram, bagua, iching, book of change 2019-12-17

Share File from Android to Mac via BlueTooth

Pointless Programing

oh i have a article What's Point-free Programing? (point-free function syntax)

point-free programing isn't so interesting. it's basically the same with syntax that don't allow args. a higher up interesting is function-level programing

join xahlee club discord interesting people, varied opinions, nerd heaven.

Hardware Modeled (Von Neumann) Computer Languages and Functional-Level Languages

Xah Talk Show
unicode, ancient/weird alphabets, rune, braille, combinatorics based system, astronomy astrology symbols 2019-12-15

Shen lisp creator Mark Tarver has a new site


See also:

elvish langs

elvish langs 2019-12-12 yw6t8
elvish langs 2019-12-12 yw6t8

fak the elves and fak tokien. the extreme fake complexity of utter uselessness, created by nerd for nerd

barefeet in office

Silicon Valley's newest startup trend? Shoeless office policies.

ee sv8wy-s693x520
[Silicon Valley's newest startup trend? Shoeless office policies. By Katie Canales. At https://news.yahoo.com/silicon-valleys-newest-startup-trend-135500730.html ]

i wonder what's the origin of bare feet being impolite or not allowed in office i think it's probably because say 100 years ago and before, people don't have clean feet nor clean floor

Computer Devices Bandwidth Table

Compiler Explorer


seems a great tool to play with. It support golang haskell c c++ and others. It takes a source code and dissembes into compiled code.

Raspberry Pi Thwarts Backdoor Chips?

it seems Raspberry Pi and now Paralla is a thing. i was worried about big brother putting things into chips in comp we use. But it seems, Raspberry Pi etc are somewhat a solution

do we generally worry about whether the chips on raspberry has backdoor? i don't think so, right? because it's only few things there, and most buying it are hardware hackers so they'd know.

xahlee demeaning 2019-12-03 mmqxc
xahlee demeaning people, from Jake Johnstone 2019-12-03

Windows 10, still have lots old baggage with bitmapped GUI

it's incredible, in Microsoft Windows 10, it's common to see these old gui with bitmapped font.

Windows 10 bitmapped font bn7ww
Windows 10 bitmapped font bn7ww

futter opensource

futter opensource 2019-12-02 75pk9
futter opensource 2019-12-02 75pk9
xahlee food 20191130 wqnk5
xahlee food 20191130 wqnk5

History of StackOverflow

Microsoft Hatred 2019-11-21 wjydr
Microsoft Hatred 2019-11-21 wjydr

The Microsoft Hatred FAQ

Richard Stallman on Common Lisp, 1981
Famous Programers on How Common Lisp Sucks

space caget 2019-11-17 xzkpg
space caget 2019-11-17 xzkpg

2014-07-06 xah's thoughts extrempore. On a million dollar of digital books vs paper books.

i was just talking to myself in the past hour about digital book vs paper book. One important, critical thing, about paper books that we don't have in digital books of today is the touch-feely perception. Long story short, with paper books, each has different quality, paper material, weight, smell, etc. Which, are integrated with the book's content in our perception system in our brain. Because, we human animals have adopted to the physical world, the nature, and our brain is adopted to such world, and have developed memory and sensory perceptions to all things we touch or near by. Digital books doesn't have that. You read 100 books all with the same cold screen, same smell, same physical appearance.

most people's love of paper book is idiotic. (which i've covered in the past hour when talking to myself, but too long to rehash it out here so i'll elide) But this quality of paper book i'm speaking of in above paragraph, is critical. It is partly why, we feel that paper books make us actually receive info, and i think it's veribly true. Remember the coffee spots on particular page's content? the dog ears of the page? etc. Those, are integerated with the content in our brain. Maybe you don't recall but your brain's memory system does.

so, it dawn'd on me, how can we make digital books do that? Enterprenurs listen: we need to create digital devices that can emit odor. So, different digital book can create different odor when opened in a computer screen. This way, we get back some touchy-feely advantage of paper books. And, after this, we can improve by having the digital device change its screen texture for different books, etc. But for now, need to get odor.

this idea is copyrighted by Xah Lee. All Rights reserved.

old unix books

my first unix book was Unix for the Impatient, 1995. By Paul Abrahams and others.

Unix for the Impatient 1995 2019-11-11 dztc7
Unix for the Impatient 1995

then, a good one is Unix Power Tools by Shelley Powers and others.

unix power tools 2019-11-11 rqqh8
Unix Power Tools

and Essential Sys Admin, by Aeleen Frisch , very popular, but is no good.

essential sys admin aeleen frisch 2019-11-11 xbxfd
Essential Sys Admin, Aeleen Frisch

Sesame Street Pinball Number Count

pinpall, amazing, sesame street production

Sesame Street Pinball Number Count (All Segments)

unicode character bad naming

sometimes the naming in tech is really annoying

unicode lady bug naming 2019-11-11 kzc87
unicode lady bug naming 2019-11-11 kzc87

you ever heard of anyone call ladybug a lady beetle?

unicode santa clause 2019-11-11 vzsrs
unicode santa clause 2019-11-11 vzsrs

and santa clause becomes Father Christmas, what the hell?

kneeling chair

really want to love them, but bought them and used for over 1 year around 1997. Not really good.

kneeling chair 2019-11-09 fjkp5-2
kneeling chair

the reason i don't like them is because, i often hop around chair with different positions, sometimes sitting with chest on back rest, sometimes squat on chair, sometimes lotus position.

but with the kneeling chair, your legs are fixed. your upper body, is like a joystick, feeling stressful.

Niklaus Wirth, Compiler Construction

nesting limit of different languages in parsing jason. perl python ruby php rust golang nim C C++ haskell

parse json nest limit 2019-11-08 nvzkx
parse json nest limit 2019-11-08 nvzkx https://github.com/lovasoa/bad_json_parsers/blob/master/README.md

unicode Cuneiform in macOS Google Chrome problem

problem: html page with unicode cuneiform characters displays well on all browsers in Win10, but on macOS, cuneiform characters shows as blank boxes in Google Chrome, but works in Firefox, safari.

copy and paste the following into a file, name it test.html

<!doctype html>
<meta charset="utf-8" />
<title>Cuneiform </title>
<mark class="unicode" title="U+12001: CUNEIFORM SIGN A TIMES A">𒀁</mark>

on MacOS, open it in Chrome. The cuneiform characters doesn't show. try to make it show, by adding CSS.

question: on macOS safari console , how to find out what font is actually used?

goto this page to see http://xahlee.info/comp/unicode_cuneiform.html

Xah Talk Show Signum keyboard. History of CMS, eXtreme Programing, Agile, Crackpots, static site generator. wikipedia vs Britannica. 2019-11-07

[image source http://turnoff.us/geek/love-powershell/, © ]
xah powershell logo
PowerShell Basics

major update.

Which Programing Language is Easier to Learn

Proliferation of Computing Languages

story of sagemath and cocalc

[Should I Resign from My Full Professor Job to Work Fulltime on Cocalc? By William Stein. At http://sagemath.blogspot.com/2019/05/should-i-resign-from-my-full-professor.html ]

every smart phone has a id. IMSI and IMEI

smart phone id imsi 2019-10-25 368zz
smart phone id imsi 2019-10-25 368zz
smart phone id imei 2019-10-25 jmmxh
smart phone id imei 2019-10-25 jmmxh

nice video/voice/text chat site


a new lisp: BEL

[a new lisp: BEL By Paul Graham. At http://paulgraham.com/bel.html ]

reading paul graham's bel lang. omg, i find it very silly. Why is paul perpetually enamored with lisp? he's trying to relive 1960s. times has moved on. today we have lots formalism and understanding of logic. i find what he's doing idiotic.

How to Make Video Games

New Researh Shows Microsoft Word Beats Latex

See bottom

The TeX Pestilence (Why TeX/LaTeX Sucks)

How Much You Make on YouTube for Programing Tutorial

Microsoft Bosque Language

Proliferation of Computing Languages

libgen 2019-10-13 yspmt

Why I Love Golang

Golang: Find String (grep)

golang. join slice of strings to one big string. added to

Golang: Slice

major interface violation in discord. it should be radio buttons, not checkboxes.

discord checkbox radio button 2019-10-10 gt4g9
discord checkbox radio button 2019-10-10 gt4g9
parceljs doc 2019-10-04 zd8gv
parceljs doc 2019-10-04 zd8gv

parceljs has very bad doc. unclear how its server start or stop. lots things unexplained. wtf is asset. no explanation on what parcel actually do. now i have to goto 3rd party spam tutorial.

on the other hand, reactjs and yarnjs both have excellent docs.

Golang Problems

Indentless Code Formatting Style

Syntax Soup

incorrect English on yarnjs site

yarn incorrect english ie 2019-10-04 hgjdp
yarn incorrect english ie 2019-10-04 hgjdp

[Programming Languages and Lambda Calculi (Utah CS7520 Version) By Matthias Felleisen, Matthew Flatt. At https://www.cs.utah.edu/~mflatt/past-courses/cs7520/public_html/s06/notes.pdf ]

The rise and fall of XML. Be conservative in what you send; be liberal in what you accept. 2019-10-01

[The Harmful Consequences of Postel's Maxim By Network Working Group, M Thomson, Mozilla. At https://tools.ietf.org/id/draft-thomson-postel-was-wrong-01.html ]

todo fix golang replace.go printing the find/replace pairs.

golang's type and lowness

golang's type and lowness is starting to get me. whenever you need a list of element that's tuple of diff types, you need to create a type, namely struct.

Golang Tutorial learn Golang in 1 hour

Jaron Lanier on Open Source

Python 3 Adoption python image lib still no support py3. updated

Combinatorial Unicode Chars

another combinatorial unicode char set is the trigram. Note that, in these MONOGRAM, TRIGRAM, TETRAGRAM, HEXAGRAM, some allows the bar to break into 3 pieces, while other only 2.

unicode trigram hexagram 2019-09-10 zgxs2
unicode trigram hexagram 2019-09-10 zgxs2

Unicode Cultural Religious Symbols ☭

ways to order combinatorial patterns

one interesting thing is how do you sort braille? here's 3 possible ways.

sorting braille 2019-09-10 zwtdy
sorting braille 2019-09-10 zwtdy

Unicode Braille ⠮

unicode braille converter 2019-09-09 tpzkw
Unicode Braille ⠮

Isopsephy puzzle

a=1, b=2, c=3 etc. love = 12+15+22+5=54. find another word that's 54.

Isopsephy 2019-09-09 3shcr
Isopsephy 2019-09-09 3shcr

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