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Unicode Squared Characters

Powershell, even though well designed, but i think it's too elaborate. The syntax is fairly complex. The complexity came from 2 parts. One is the need to make the syntax not nested, so easy to type on terminal as single line code. Two is the .net object behind it. So, lots conversion between text stream and object, and property and methods. Adding the syntax to call .net methods, it adds another entirely different syntax to do things. And the .net method call is actually much more efficient. This makes the code not uniform, cuz u have to chose whether to use powershell idiom or call the dot net. The dot net is unavoidable anyway, because many its things doesn't have a powershell equivalent.

CPU Speed Benchmark, BogusMips in Perl

Tab vs Space in Source Code

Questionable design in Wolfram Language

Seems, in the past few years, Wolfram Language introduced lots of function or constructs or syntax, that am not sure is good. Too much needless redundancy. For example: The (x |-> x+1) notation for (#+1&). The arrow notation is certainly more clear, but there is already a most clear canonical form : Function[x,x+1]. In terms of typing convenience, the ampersand notation is more concise and easier to type. Also, the ampersand notation is less likely to have name collision.

kenkangxgwe WolframLang design 2021-08-05
from 康小广 @kenkangxgwe 2021-08-05

that's a good point. So, when a pure Function is nested, the ampersand notation will fail. (because that's when use of different variable names helps, unless we get into combinators, which is inapproriate because it becomes very complicated application of functions)

but still, when you have a nested pure function, it gets very confusing. It is almost never used.

another example: CoordinateBoundsArray. This can be trivially done with Table or Array

WolframLang syntax coloring semantic aware 2021-08-04
interesting. WolframLang semantic aware syntax coloring

comp lang syntax design thoughts extempore.

when designing the syntax of a language, there's a issue of token separator.

for example, look at this emacs lisp code:

(a-b x)

there, the dash char is connected with adjacent char. But, in python for example,


will mean

a - b

so, the concept here is token separation. Now, the simplest way is to have a designated char for this purpose, no exceptions. The most common char for separator is space. However, note some issues here. For example, in emacs lisp:


there, note there is no space between parenthesis and the char “a”. However, it's still considered separate tokens.

So, here, another rule is used to separate tokens. Namely, we classify chars into certain class, let's call it contiguous-class. When you have a sequence chars, and if they are all in contiguous-class, then, this sequence is one token.

common example of this contiguous-class of chars is the letters a to z and A to Z, and also underscore _. When it comes to dash, languages differ, as we can see in lisp vs python examples above.

so, so far, we have 2 ways to separate takens. One is by a designated char, such as space. Another is by defining a set of chars that we consider are contiguous. Note that, these 2 rules can be combined. In fact, in most langs, they are, such as in emacs lisp and python.

now, my interest is on this issue. Which is a better design?

a designated char is the most simple, elegant. Though, it may introduce inconvenience. For example, you can't write 1+2 anymore, you have to add space in between.

if we go with contiguous-char-class, by itself without any designated token separator, it's also quite simple and elegant. Though, there are a few issues.

First is that, usually you want to allow unicode chars such as greek letters, and also digits, in this class. e.g. you may want to have a var named x1, x2. Or, α, β. Or, even with chinese chars, and other math symbols such as ƒ1, ⅈ. Also, whether to include the dash is a issue. If you include the dash, but your lang doesn't have any other char for separator, then that means you can't write a-b to mean substraction, likewise nor a*b, a/b, and you can't have semicon adjacent to your var name, nor any punctuation. Also, common syntex of operators such as ++ -- :: ** can't be used because they are not contiguous-class, each will mean separate symbols.

that's it for now. will have to continue this later.

basically, the issue is to explore the syntax design of token separator, survey existing cases, analysis pro and con of designs, distill the rules, find the best…

incredible things related to ⏎↩ ⌤. aspects of: writing systems, computing, notation, input method, key label, unicode, nomenclature. lots history. why is it called carriage return? what carriage what return?

just realized, when “sharing” photo from google photo app android phone to discord app, it upload the original huge sized.

lots updates PowerShell Tutorial

new book by Stephen Wolfram amazon. Most of it is on Wolfram's blog. https://www.wolfram.com/combinators/

xah YouTube 3k subs 2021-06-24
woot. 3k subs. minor giddiness conditioned n directed by google empire.

Convert Video from Different Formats

Microsoft Defender blocks website by mistake

wtf Microsoft, blocked one of my page, thinking it's phishing site.

Microsoft block xahlee site 2021-06-14
Microsoft block xahlee site 2021-06-14 [Microsoft Windows Tips http://xahlee.info/mswin/index.html]

Meaning of Symbolic Pattern Matching Languages

The Mathematica Book Online

Wolfram Language Clones

Lots people asked me for this. I recommend just buy wolframlang, start with the free engine or script. Focus on mastering math/AI. Don't get dragged into opensource corp drama.

UNIX Tar Problem: File Length Truncation, Unicode Name Support

Technical Writing: Fruit Apple Banana vs X Y Z

some old essays. reviewed.

perl, officially dead for me

these perl scripts, was on my site, but sometimes during 2010, due to the newfangled github, every joe and their dog has a github account with code, i moved them to github. A mistake. NEVER follow fashion and fads or the corps. Now, i move them back on my website.

I think i finally, officially, will no longer code any perl. Perl, was my first industrial language. Coded it in a job for 4 years during the dot com days

See also: history of computing, year 1999. you can search what these people are doing now. Perl: Send Email Perl: Send Email


Windows: Delete Lockscreen Background Image

Moving Button UI Problem

PowerShell: Windows Registry

Xah Github Punch Card

Unicode Jargon “Code Point” and Notation U+03B1

Which Faakhead Invented Hello World?

hackers, pet worms of the establishment

2021-06-01 dear hackers: Ever watched the matrix, or star wars? where good guys fight the big bro? and ever seen opensorce fsf fanatics shrill against corps? am starting to think, such imagery is intentionally crafted by the establishment, tickles the good guy psychology, so u remain small n inconsequential.

Microsoft Windows Logo history

In-place Algorithm for Reversing a List in Perl, Python, Lisp, Mathematica

xahlee.info site traffic

Logo Design in Software Industry
major update

Why Does Struct Datatype Encroach Namespace?

Year 2009. Why I'm Switching from Mac to Windows
this answers those question about, which one should you use, Mac, linux, or windows

PowerShell: Backup Script Example

PowerShell Tutorial
worked a lot on it. starting to take shape.

computing history, 2010. interesting in revisting old articles is to see which link went dead, why, squatter, what happen to people, which stood test of time, how things changed etc.

working on PowerShell

2021-05-23 Gosh. Worked on PowerShell so much in past week. Feels like am now a semi-master of powershell. Lol. Well, comfortable in using it at least. In fact, i know more about it than bash now. Never studied bash. And my reason for digging into powershell, or a shell lang, is that i discovered, over 10 years, a realization, that shell lang actually is a lang designed for working with files. For example, many things that's 1 line of shell pipe, requires 5 to 10 lines of perl python, or 20 in elisp golang. And @Georrg helped in that realization few months ago. I've written a essay about this One Language to Rule Them All? Or, What Language to Use for Find Replace?. And the interesting question i want to explore is, can a general purpose scripting lang, such as perl python ruby, or even lowish level golang, be designed to have a shell-style language characteristics (with pipes etc), and yet lose no good properties. Am inclined to think yes. Primarily, the lang just need a generic postfix operator, and functional lang in nature. In fact, i'd think Wolfram Lang is already 90% it. Just need to change some syntax to avoid nesting. (but this is not a trivial problem. for example, dealing with matrix and trees.)

Windows: Registry Tutorial

Unix Pipe as Functional Language
minor update

Should Array Index Start at 0 or 1?
minor update

Python Sucks, Function vs Method

major update. Python by Example reformatted the function documentation of most pages

browsers are spyware

Chrome browser, image are blurred

strange, in Chrome browser (and Microsoft Edge and Brave), image are blurred.

chrome browser image blurred 2021-05-14
chrome browser image blurred 2021-05-14

open the above image in Firefox to see the difference.

Saga of Updating Nvidia Driver

Clojure Sigils Meaning
formatting update.

pepe go lang FSYcd
pepe go

Golang Tutorial

new page and updates and some just reposts.

google snippet why window manager suck 2021-05-07 X2ycK
google snippet why window manager suck 2021-05-07 Why Tiling Window Manager Sucks (xmonad, ratpoison, dwm, etc)

posted a comment on youtube https://www.youtube.com/post/UgxwvtdABUf1SJTJjYx4AaABCQ go there and comment, related to things about my livestream

Firefox Extensions for Privacy Freaks

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