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Microsoft Windows 10 disk management 2021-02-27
Microsoft Windows 10 disk management 2021-02-27
Windows 10 lockscreen problem 2021-02-27 wnGbs
Windows 10 lockscreen problem 2021-02-27 wnGbs
Windows 10 lockscreen problem 2021-02-27 tD8wh
Windows 10 lockscreen problem 2021-02-27 tD8wh

Xah Lee Online History

D3.js Visualization, a Quasi Science

xahlee info stat 2021-02-24
xahlee info site stat 2021-02-24

Public-Key Cryptography for Beginner

choco whois install fail 2021-02-21
choco whois install fail 2021-02-21. hash not match!
TypeScript Ladder Flow

Syntax Soup

Complexity and Tedium of Software Engineering

Linux: Command to View/Delete Metadata in Image Files
minor update.

The Voodoo of Mechanical Sympathy

How to Input Unicode

Microsoft Windows user interface design: mouse wheel does not always work

Gosh idiotic Microsoft Windows 10. Sometimes your mouse wheel doesn't work. For example, when in charmap.

Windows 10 charmap 2021-02-16
Windows 10 charmap

idiotic Microsoft Windows 10, when you use Alt+Escape it hides the previous window. faaking idiotic extreme.

user interface design, to duplicate or not

UI design duplicate 2021-02-13
UI design duplicate 2021-02-13

[on whether site should open link in new window, and nerd opinion being no, let user decide.]

That's what typical nerd thinks, but i think does not fit reality at all. First of all, opening new window has a ton of proper use. For example, help/explain on links in a form, or show big picture, or go to external site (e.g. Done by facebook and twitter or youtube), which is actually appropriate because user often do want remain on the site, or for example on my site, link to amazon. (some of these are today done by in-page popup using js, such as view bigger photo.). But i began to think in past year, that possibly ALL links should open new window, except if it's a single page app. Because this is in fact i think more than 50% of clicks nerds do. It is also easier to manage. Because browsing history has tons of problems, well known. And widely talked about. I did a survey here, most nerds control click to open new window all the time. Also, interesting to note, in china, almost all sites, defaults to opening new links in new window, even links to the site itself. Also, as far as the notion let the user control, it falls flat on its face. Vast majority users (99%), do not even know wtf is a keyboard shortcut, or wtf is a software, or wtf is a browser. This is why, thing migrated to the phone, and also, we see vast UI that duplicate basic browser function such as going to top of page (can be done by just pressing Home). This is not caused by phone btw, it was so 15 years ago. And we see tons of UI widgets that duplicate basic browser function, even in NERD sites created by NERDS.

Frenzie: you mean like font size?.

XahLee: yes exactly. that too.

I think there's a tension in design, on one end is rely on basic functionality and not duplicate things, this side am on. On the other extreme, is to have as much functionality widget on the page or thing itself without any assumption. I think things are following the latter trend in past 20 years. Mac tends to be follow no-duplicate philosophy. Windows follow no-assumption philosophy. That's why the Win10 System Settings has one hundred spider web ways to get to the same panel. And , this no assumption way, apparently creates more massive users. Cuz most users dunno and no want to learn. This applies to programers too, for example, on programing languages or habits, or in areas programers not familiar with such as math or law. You start to prefer things or pages sans any assumption that you knew the basics.

while studying bitcoin. There is a nasty thought. It seems there's a tendency for it to be centralized, by the dealers. In fact, already is. More than 51% r controlled by 1 minter. (and they agreed to spread that). So, this indicate a central flaw, not bitcoin but humanity, like many other things that began decentralized such as internet)

this means, even if bitcoin became the number one money use in 10 years, it may still become centralized. We just have new overlords, instead of central banks or gov.

Another bout of the complexity and tedium of software engineering. How 10 minute job became 4 hours. HTML _blank noopener noreferrer Problem

the wolfram site is truly overwhelming. though, i think one third of it is marketing talk, and repetitious. i am trying to map out what's new of Wolfram since 2005. i knew it'll take a while, but seems there's exponential growth since 2010 or so.

There are a few aspects of me reading wolfram site.

  1. Find out what the company is doing , what products and services they have now. How they differ.
  2. Find out how M has changed in nature since y2k.
  3. Study math n computation from wolfram blog.
  4. For later, learn new things in Mathematica.
each of the first 3 am doing, seems overwhelming .

Xah Lee Site Article Count
on its own page

Ribbon Interface
Screenshot 2021-02-06 053519 Screenshot 2021-02-06 053538 Screenshot 2021-02-06 054815
virtual box
Screenshot 2021-02-06 203536
use Wolfram for Juyter with wolfram engine and wolframScript
Google Group screws newsgroup history 2021-02-09
Google Group screws newsgroup history 2021-02-09

Death of Newsgroups

Artificial Neural Network is Nasty

Technology, Past and Future

Share File from Android to Windows via BlueTooth

Wolfram Language, Mathematica

Minor update. Lots more to come in coming months.

major update.

User Interface Design Criterions

best programing language for next 20 years

Starting my road to Mathematica. Been out for about 20 years. here's some random notes.

the best languages to learn today for the next 20 year are: golang, PowerShell, Mathematica.

golang is C++ replacement. Not replacing much now, and that's because momentum and habit. Wait for C++ coders to die, it will. [see Why I Love Golang]

PowerShell or the pwsh, is far better shell than bash and unix bag friends. [see Why I Love Powershell]

Mathematica, is the programing language far beyond any other in the computing industry. A magnitude beyond all existing. It is more than a programing language, because it is really a computational knowledge base. Asides from math functions, such as solving equations or integration symbolically and hundreds other special math functions only a handful mathematician understands, it also embodies just about every practical algorithm in computer science. So, given a algorithm, you might write it in lang X for a hour or days, but Mathematica has it as part of the language, just call a function. Mathematica has few thousand functions builtin, not even needing to load a library.

my Mathematica notes that's 20 years old, mostly done in 1990s. Wolfram Language, Mathematica. Now revising them.

new and updated.

working on, review

Wolfram Language free! https://writings.stephenwolfram.com/2019/05/launching-today-free-wolfram-engine-for-developers/

Why Windows User Interface Suck

Windows Elevation Prompt Design Problem

Windows Task Manager

Dave Cutler, Windows NT creator.

[WinFS, Integrated/Unified Storage, and Microsoft – Part 1 By Halberenson. At https://hal2020.com/2013/02/14/winfs-integratedunified-storage-and-microsoft-part-1/ ]


Now been on windows for a month. Still haven't installed linux yet. Seems i no need it. PowerShell does better, replacing unix command bags. Especially unix find grep diff.

study and deal with windows sleep auto wake problem

Microsoft Windows Sleep

who is behind archive.today

studying archive.today. who's behind it?

This guy. Seems one man operation. Seems a nerd, against big brother, a good guy https://twitter.com/archiveis

crypto money notes

pngquant sucks

Microsoft Word Shortcuts

Chess vs Chinese Chess

emacs lisp, cmd.exe, PowerShell, pwsh, complexities

git newline config on Microsoft Windows
added to git Frequently Asked Questions

history of unix fanaticism. The most frequently asked question, year 2002. Is Mac OS X Unix? Is Mac OS X Unix

Python: Unicode Tutorial 🐍

One Language to Rule Them All? Or, What Language to Use for Find Replace?

Will the cross-platform PowerShell (aka PowerShell Core) be popular?

The situation of powershell... The new cross platform one pwsh, probably will not become popular on mac and linux. And on windows, most will not move to pwsh. The most critical force of popularity for shell is default availability. So on windows, default is PowerShell (not the cross platform pwsh), and on linux and mac, it's bash for scripting. All installers rely heavily on default availability. So that means, the cross platform powershell, will not become popular anytime soon. It can function as better alternative, but as far as shell scripting goes, today there's too many alts, such as any of python ruby perl even deno js and golang, can all function as alt installer scripts. Some of them, such as deno js and golang, are even more cross platform.

Great Software for Windows

Windows, uninstall gnu find util

choco info findutil

The findutil installs a useless Code.exe that gets in the way of VS Code's Code.exe. And the unix find xargs locate updatedb are not useful on Windows . Use PowerShell Get-ChildItem . -Recurse -include *html
see PowerShell vs Bash

Microsoft Snip and Sketch App User Interface Problem

The Microsoft Snip and Sketch app is a pain and the ass. Doesn't support standard key to close window such as Ctrl+w , nor F11 toggle full screen.

updated. why Microsoft Windows is now my main machine. bottom.
Why I'm Switching from Mac to Windows

Spaceship Cuneiform 𒁷 Unicode Cuneiform 𒁷

Xah Windows Setup

put into index

how to call a unix command in Windows installed via chocolatey

for some commands, such as the find of gnu fileutils, you have to call it with full path, like this:

C:\ProgramData\chocolatey\bin\find.exe . -name "*jpg"

because some unix commands such as find, it has a cmd.exe command of the same name.

in emacs lisp, you have to use slash instead. C:/ProgramData/chocolatey/bin/find.exe . -name "*jpg"

apparently, imagemagick's command convert is named magick on Microsoft Windows

it's installed at C:\Program Files\ImageMagick-7.0.10-Q16-HDRI

the correct syntax: magick convert ... or magick identify ...

See also ImageMagick Tutorial

User Interface Design: Peepshow Windows

Math vs Programing, What-is vs How-to

demo Mathematica in livestream

soon am going to live demo Mathematica in livestream. lots things. will take me a month to warm up. been some 15 years. gonna demo not just most powerful functional programing, symbolic pattern matching, auto typesetting (beats the hell of TeX) but also veture into crypto, machine learning, neuro network, and interactive 3d graphics

Wolfram Language, Mathematica Wolfram Language, Mathematica

Mathematica is super expensive. but, it beats the hell out of python jupyter sagemath etc by a magnitude. Even just consider it as a super graphing calc as personal tool. it's free with Raspberry Pi. one easy way to explore.

object oriented programing reuse

java oop reuse 2021-01-05 MQzBB
very old, draft article, year 2006. to be part of OOP's Jargons and Complexities

why is gpu more powerful?

Now, am thinking, gpu is much more powerful than cpu is due to historical reasons, namely, the design baggage of x86. If itanium was successful, today we might not have gpu at all. Does any think so?

Apparently, the answer is No.

screenshot 2020-12-31 gw8hG
2020-12-31 answer from Scott Bilik
lunarus lunarus on gpu 2020-12-31 ZQFCm
lunarus on gpu 2020-12-31


zsh color prompt

finally set my zsh prompt

See also

closure, a wart in coding hipster's brain.

xah challenge: is there a use of closure other than the function with side effect?

massive update of golang tutorial. Golang Tutorial

Between the programing language jargons map vs hash, i think map is winning over. Probably because the word makes more sense than the implementation oriented “hash table”. While pythons “dictionary” jargon, seems too unprofessional.


Linux: Sort Lines
minor update.

git 2008 2020-12-21 193528 6hQRw
git 2008 2020-12-21.
modern software history


Python vs Golang

Python is more readable. 0.8 as much code. But 5 times slower. Can't compile. More complex. And more coding error.

python vs golang 2020-12-20 FsXk9
python vs golang 2020-12-20

review maybe What Character Encoding Do Chinese Sites Use?

python code formatter. https://github.com/psf/black

Git pager is annoying

faak git 2020-12-16 zDJ2d
faak git 2020-12-16

to set no paper, see added to git Frequently Asked Questions


[A fork() in the road (unix fork considered harmful) By Andrew Baumann Microsoft Research, Jonathan Appavoo Boston University, Orran Krieger Boston University, Timothy Roscoe Eth Zurich. At https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/research/uploads/prod/2019/04/fork-hotos19.pdf ]

Pointer and Reference Considered Harmful

Unicode: Unit Symbols ㎜ ㎝ ㎡ ㎥ ㎐

xahlee citations google scholar 2020-12-08 fNNb4
xahlee citations from Google Scholar 2020-12-08

god, spent 4 hours reading stephen wolfram. got so much to say, but don't have time to write about it due to real life duties.

[Where Did Combinators Come From? Hunting the Story of Moses Schönfinkel By Stephen Wolfram. At https://writings.stephenwolfram.com/2020/12/where-did-combinators-come-from-hunting-the-story-of-moses-schonfinkel/ ]

such a spectacular research. and that is almost like every of Wolfram's blog.

And spend 1 hour reading this, haven't finished yet. Spectacular, it is.

[Combinators: A Centennial View By Stephen Wolfram. At https://writings.stephenwolfram.com/2020/12/combinators-a-centennial-view/ ]

and as i've explained it here, gave me inspiration, answered my big questions. [ What's Ontology of Programing Language? ]

it's like that every time i read Wolfram. Inspires me, and also made me sad. daily, i diddle and fight with the idiotic hacker faaks. wasted my life for that.

petty emacs and lisp tutorials.

last 2 hours spend on reading about acting. that's some rl thing. a task.

What's Ontology of Programing Language? major update.

A friend, Hexstream, trying to revive Common Lisp. https://github.com/sponsors/Hexstream

Chess vs Chinese Chess

User Interface Design: Peepshow Windows

Firefox menu 2020-11-16 9SXwD
Firefox menu 2020-11-16 9SXwD

The milen gen UI faak. You can't discover the key shortcuts for copy paste zoom etc. You got more fuzzy nested menus like “More”, needs more work to use. This began with Google, Chrome.

ID System, Number Base vs Number of Digits

xah talk show molochness clojure 2020-11-14 3gDSX
xah talk show molochness clojure 2020-11-14 3gDSX

Guile scheme lisp, is python a lisp?, JetBrain vs Emacs editor, why clojure java. 2019-08-25

[A History of Clojure By Rich Hickey. At https://download.clojure.org/papers/clojure-hopl-iv-final.pdf ]

local copy clojure-hopl-iv-final.pdf

Linux: Compression How-to: tar gzip bzip2 xz 7zip rar zip
minor update.

comparing QT, GTK, WxWidgets, JavaFX, Electron. [Sad state of cross platform GUI frameworks By Royalsloth. At https://blog.royalsloth.eu/posts/sad-state-of-cross-platform-gui-frameworks/ ]

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