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Moto G5 Plus

there's a idiotic program called pngquant.

it reduces png file size by a lossy compression.

if you want lossy, goto jpg or webp

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golang's choice of tab for indentation

golang's choice of tab for indentation is the correct one. However, emacs golang mode forcing it to be DISPLAYED as 8 spaces, is the most idiotic. It undo the correct thinking.

See also: Programing: Tab vs Space in Source Code

golang is superb

golang is truly a simple superb practical language. + Real functional programing features. And fast! Puts clojure haskell in shame.

despite my supreme love for functional programing, i'd say, clojure is a complex idiocy, on so many levels. And Haskell too.

my golang tutorial is coming in shape.

learn golang in 10 minutes 2017 08 03
learn golang in 10 minutes

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xahlee info site ranking 2017 08 02
xahlee info site ranking

my site ranking, i think that's the highest.

find some sites you know, and let me know what you get. On twitter, Google Plus.

Python 3 Adoption

git detecting dir rename 2017 07 29
git detecting dir rename

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programer hieroglyph

gitlab artwork 2017 07 29
beautiful gitlab artwork

〔►see Egyptian Hieroglyph 𓂀

be my first patreon

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Java: Unicode in Java (minor update)

drawing a maze with Unicode. Unicode Box Lines, Shapes ┌ ┬ ┐

Screenshot Tracking Watermark

xah js sigil color 2017 07 14
my JavaScript TypeScript syntax algebra by sigil. haskell emacs xah-js-mode.el n xah-ts-mode.el

Jargon Lambda in Decline (expanded for the general public.)

What is the difference between emoji, emoticon, pictograph?

Western Propaganda on Chinese Nushu Script

Unicode 10 is released last week.

〔►see Unicode 10 New Characters

New, is the oblete Nushu script, used in China, created and used by women.

On researching this writing system, you find an article from Gardian published in 2005.

The page is gone, but here's screenshot from WayBackMachine.

chinese nushu script Guardian article 2017 06 29
Gardian propaganda on Chinese Nushu script

Note, the word used: forbidden, women, minority, forced arranged marriage.

You see, Guardian spins it so that the now obsolete script appears to be related to suppression and Western gender issues.

Almost all English language news about Chinese are of this nature. They sell what you want to hear, American liberal or conservative. Pretty much, it's about how China doesn't have democracy, that Chinese people want it, and human rights abuse, that it's ancient civilization struggling with modernity, such and such. All very easy to take in and sympathize!

Unicode 10 New Characters

writing system design and culture

When you study world's scripts (writing systems), at first it's fascinating, because it's novel, and you are introduced to many aspects of designing a writing system. But after a while, you find most of them boring, dreary, idiotic. Basically, Random symbols derived from scribbles. There's no math/logic/design/architect value, but just cultural histories.

if you are interested in anthropology or ethnology, then it's a different story.

if you are interested in design/architecture aspect of writing systems, you look up to scifi, math, logic, communication theory, or perhaps neuroscience.

How to Input Unicode

Billionaire Peter Thiel's startup book Zero to One: Notes on Startups, or How to Build the Future

Brown University PLT group has a new lambda logo! (racket scheme lisp, python pyret)

Brown University PLT lambda logo 2017 06 23
Brown University PLT lambda logo, 2017-06-23 http://blog.brownplt.org/

A Lambda Logo Tour (and why LISP languages using λ as logo should not be looked upon kindly)

Unicode Books, from Version 1 to Version 9

unicode books 37530
i bought and read the v3 one in ~2001, cover to cover. 〔image source https://twitter.com/ken_lunde/status/872532216592584704

See also: Unicode Characters ☯ ⚡ ∑ ♥ 😄

RubyConf 2016 Clojure by Phill MV esr
RubyConf 2016 - To Clojure and back: writing and rewriting in Ruby by Phill MV

in the recent “is clojure dying” crisis, saw this. that's esr. I don't like esr, but this Phil MV is a scumbag in my book.

the worst atrocities in history are done by those who think they are morally superior.

Why Clojure is Dense (repost)

Java Shell Commands: javac java jar javadoc (minor update)

Java: Working with Jar File (minor update)

HISTORY of Java Logo! Xah's Java Logo (added Java mascot Duke)

ImageMagick Tutorial (added how to change transparency/alpha to white)

Java: Unicode in Java (minor update)

Reasonably Programmable Syntax

My thesis introduces typed literal macros (TLMs). TLMs take the tedium out of constructing and pattern matching over composite data structures by allowing library providers to define new type-specific literal forms (think list literals, set literals, HTML literals, regex literals, SQL literals and so on.) These literal forms come equipped with powerful abstract reasoning principles -- clients can reason about program text directly, rather than about the underlying literal expansion, and they need not worry about syntactic conflicts. We are in the process of implementing TLMs in Tidy.

I design programmable front-ends for typed functional programming languages. My goal is to take the tedium out of writing clean, compositional code.

by Cyrus Omar


see also Syntax Algebra

Linux: Traverse Directory: find, xargs (added a screenshot)

PowerShell: List Alias, Find Alias (updated)

Computer Languages Characters Frequency (New code. JavaScript ES2015)

Character Frequency Counter