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CSS Selector Syntax (new syntax coloring)

much improved syntax coloring on the whole site. For example, see: Array.prototype

JS: paren optional in x=new F() and x=new F. Operator “new”

possibly i'll have a first phone interview with Google engineers. The human resource asks me about googlers i know. Who can give a helping hand? thanks. (xahlee@gmail.com)

JavaScript, Design Patterns Approach to Computer Language Tutorials

Access Property

Check Property Existence

Property Attributes

spent the past 3 months studying JavaScript in depth. The following are entry points.

JavaScript object system is very different from Java or Python. So it takes some used to, yet it's rather much simpler than Class/Object based system. However, the language itself is a bit convoluted.

I'll be keep updating these pages in coming weeks. I hope you like it. If you do, help spread it. Thanks.

The grand finally. JavaScript Objects Tutorial: Understanding JavaScript Objects

Prevent Adding Property

Object Type

JavaScript function has a .length property. Its value is the number of parameters declared in the function. see Function Parameters

JavaScript: document.write

Operator “new”

instanceof Operator

Determine Type of Object

Internet Explorer Anime Girl

JavaScript: Array.prototype.map

How Much Can You Make by Blogging? the Ease of Professional Blogging (updated)

What is “this” Keyword?

How to Determine Strict Mode?

Example of JavaScript Sort Method Using Custom Predicate


Internet Explorer Anime Girl (oldie, on its own page)

HTML Audio Tag (updated)

JavaScript Tutorial: Understanding Prototype and Inheritance

best Ruby book is David Flanagan's Ruby Programming Language and Best JavaScript book is his JavaScript Definitive Guide JavaScript Book by David Flanagan, and Man-made Complexity in Computer Language

What Are Getter and Setter Properties and How to Create/Use Them