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Google Chrome bug. html5 audio doesn't play midi https://code.google.com/p/chromium/issues/detail?id=418420

Function Declaration vs Function Expression (major rewrite)

Define Function (minor update)

Operators (major update. ECMAScript reference links added)

Bitwise Operators (on its own page)

Web Design Index (new index page)

Web Spam and Scam (new index page)

How to Start Google Chrome in a New Instance?

Array-Like Object (updated)

Boolean Object

Value Types (on its own page)

true, false (on its own page)

Browser Info, Navigator Object

How to Detect Adobe Flash, QuickTime?

Douglas Crockford (JavaScript the Good Parts) said, the only good js book is David Flanagan's Definitive Guide. JavaScript Book by David Flanagan, and Man-made Complexity in Computer Language

Google Pushes Invalid HTML to the World still so.

Firefox now supports MP3 in HTML5 audio. Now, the MP3 and AAC are the formats supported in all major browsers. Test here: HTML Audio Tag

massive number of Java applets were killed in the past few years due to global warming created by Apple.

HTML 5: no need for “type="text/css"” attribute in “style” element

when using the “style” tag in HTML page, you can omit the type="text/css" part. Just write <style></style>.

#twitter won't display a page unless you have cookies on #howthingsare

Just discovered. if you disable Flash, Facebook's video will cease to work. Good. How to Disable JavaScript, Flash, Java in Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer

disable Flash in Google Chrome. How to Disable JavaScript, Flash, Java in Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer

remember, today there are super cookies and undying cookis. Even if you have cookies turned off, there are a million ways to track you. The next step is to disable JavaScript. But also, Adobe Flash has similar power to JavaScript. You want to disable that.

also note, incognito mode only doesn't log your browse history on your local machine, that's all. It doesn't prevent your internet service provider or company from knowing which sites you visit.

if you want true anonymous browsing, use tor browser. Download at https://www.torproject.org/projects/torbrowser.html.en

x.y.z Associativity, Right or Left?

online movie sales trend 2013
online movie sales trend 2013. [Sales of Digital Movies Surge, Delaying Availability of DVDs, Rentals Nudged Consumers By Ben Fritz. At http://online.wsj.com/news/articles/SB10001424052702304887104579306440621142958 ]

Xah Web Dev Blog 2014-07

a long long time ago, when you visit some sites, it'll do popup windows. When you close it, it'll popup 2 more… JavaScript: Open URL

The Unfortunate Fate of Music MIDI File (on its own page)

ancient technology: HTML: Auto Refresh, Auto Redirect

Google #Chrome today has the worst Unicode support.

Unicode: Math Font ℤ

DOM: Live Object

HTML Table vs CSS layout myth

two golden articles:

[The Tableless Table By Armin Wagnere. At http://www.arminbwagner.com/text/the_tableless_table/ , accessed on 2014-09-02 ]

[In defence of layout tables By Barry Pearson. At http://www.barrypearson.co.uk/articles/layout_tables/defence.htm , accessed on 2014-09-02 ]

CSS Layout Tutorial (minor update)