JS: Browser Info, Navigator Object

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H's how to find info about browser, such as if cookies is on, java is installed, or browser version.

Here's your browser status:

Here's the code.

<div id="outputBox13302"></div>
const outputBox13302 = document.getElementById("outputBox13302");

const output =
<li><b>appName:</b> ${navigator.appName}</li>
<li><b>appCodeName:</b> ${navigator.appCodeName}</li>
<li><b>appVersion:</b> ${navigator.appVersion}</li>
<li><b>Platform:</b> ${navigator.platform}</li>
<li><b>product:</b> ${navigator.product}</li>
<li><b>userAgent:</b> ${navigator.userAgent}</li>
<li><b>cookieEnabled:</b> ${navigator.cookieEnabled}</li>
<li><b>javaEnabled:</b> ${navigator.javaEnabled()}</li>

outputBox13302. innerHTML = output;

The object navigator stores info about browser.

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