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syntax coloring of JavaScript compared. Syntax Coloring in Editors

ES6 added several new math functions, among which, is Math.hypot() that computes the length of a vector! See updated: Math

If you haven't heard, ES6 is officially released.


xah-unicode-search now on github

[2015-06-20 https://github.com/xahlee/xah-unicode-search ]

SVG Path Tutorial (updated)

JavaScript: Set Element's Attribute Value (minor update)

How to Use Browser Console (on its own page)

HTML: Ruby Tag Firefox now supports ruby annotation.

JavaScript: appendChild (Append Element as Child) (appenChild actually moves the child.)

Creating Nodes, Functional Programing Style

WHATWG vs W3C Split

CSS: Flowing List (updated)

CSS: Animation (minor update)

JavaScript quiz #85753

// js quiz. what does this return.
var f = function () { return 3; }
var g = function () { f = function () { return 7; }; return 4; }

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evolution of the web. “permalink”, “tag cloud”

evolution of the web. The term “permalink” is now dead. as well as “tag cloud”. “cloud” itself probably will die in a few years.

Run windows 95 in browser. http://win95.ajf.me/

jQuery Selector vs DOM querySelectorAll (minor update)