Xah Web Dev Blog Archive 2015-08

CSS: HSL Color (minor update)

Chinese Websites Character Encoding Survey, Year 2012 (minor update)

Property Key “constructor”

minor update. Never use the “constructor” property.

Practical SVG Tutorial (much rework in the past weeks)

SVG: Text Element Tutorial (first version)

Convert String/Number (minor update)

The W3C, is now hip, due to competition with WHATWG. W3C now has github, with HTML, tutorial style!


by the way, if you didn't know already, the w3c and WHATWG split few years ago. NOT amicably. [see WHATWG vs W3C Split]

web design: 3 more websites with unreadable gray on white

Web Design: Grey Text on White Background

Throw Try Catch Finally (new)

JavaScript Syntax Complexity: Lookahead

Operators (updated)

JavaScript: Get Element's Parent/Child/Sibling, Navigate DOM Tree (updated)

DOM: Whitespace Nodes (on its own page)

JavaScript/DOM: What is Node, Node Type, Element (updated)

Array.prototype (updated. Examples separated into own pages)

CSS: Linear Gradient (updated)

JavaScript Quiz: Variable in Array

New version of my JavaScript tutorial is out. See: Buy JavaScript in Depth

Buy it. Thanks.

Random Array Element, Randomize Array 🚀 (on its own page)

Format Number (new code added)

js constructor quiz 2015-08-05
do you understand every line here? Property Key “constructor” (updated)

JavaScript Style Guide for Functional Programers (added a new item about looping thru properties)

Web Design: Grey Text on White Background (more screenshot)

Object Overview (more refinement)

Google Plus Shutdown

Firefox: Set Mouse Wheel Scroll Speed (updated)

Firefox: Set Backspace Key to Go Back To Previous Page

Web Design, Minimal Window Width (repost)

Google Chrome. Hover mouse over a link. It should show the URL. But, Google Chrome had a bug since about .