Apple Keyboard History ⌨

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I used Apple's computer from 1991 to 2009. Have used all their keyboards (except the aluminum flat of ~2008.)

Apple IIe, 1983

Apple IIe w monitor 5b7bd-s217x289
Apple IIe, 1983

Macintosh Keyboard, 1984

Apple Macintosh 512 keyboard 18366 s306x204
Macintosh Keyboard (M0110) (year 1984)

Macintosh Plus Keyboard (M0110A), 1986

Introduced with the Macintosh Plus in 1986.

Apple IIe Platinum, 1987

Apple IIe Platinum-s277x226
Apple IIe Platinum, 1987

Apple (Standard) Keyboard (M0116), 1987

Apple Standard Keyboard M0116 3cygw-s397x157
Apple (Standard) Keyboard (M0116), 1987

Apple Extended Keyboard, 1987

Apple extended keyboard 1 1987
Apple extended keyboard 1 1987, German layout. [image source ]

Apple Keyboard II (M0487) (1990)

apple keyboard m0487 j2kj7
Apple Keyboard (M0487) [image source reddit]

Introduced and sold with the Macintosh Classic and LC in 1990, this keyboard was almost identical to the original ADB Keyboard, but included flip-down feet to change the typing angle and a design change that gave the frame and keys a more streamlined appearance. Internally, the M0487 differed from the original M0116, as the M0487 did not use mechanical keyswitches (save for the Caps Lock). In 1993, the Macintosh TV, the first Mac introduced in all black, came with an identical black Keyboard II (using the same model number). This keyboard marked the return of Apple including a standard keyboard together with the computer itself.

[Wikipedia 2019-06-21]

Apple Extended Keyboard II, 1990

Apple extended keyboard 1987 2de64-s1386x1039-s289x216
Apple Extended Keyboard II, 1990

Apple Adjustable Keyboard, 1993

apple adjustable keyboard m1242  34849 s250x250
Apple Adjustable Keyboard 1993

Apple PowerBook Duo 250, 1993

Apple PowerBook Duo 250 cb5db-s289x217
Apple PowerBook Duo 250, 1993

Apple USB keyboard (M2452), 1999. (Bondi Blue iMac)

apple bondi blue imac keyboard-s289x217
Apple USB keyboard, 1999. (Bondi Blue iMac)

Apple Pro Keyboard (M7803), 2000

Apple pro keyboard M7803  French Canadian 0b213
Apple Pro Keyboard M7803, French Canadian layout. Year 2000. [image source]

Apple Pro Keyboard (A1048), 2003

Apple pro keyboard
Apple pro keyboard (A1048), German layout. image source

Apple Pro Keyboard (A1243), 2007

Apple iMac Keyboard A1243
Apple's full Keyboard (A1243). Year 2007. Apple keyboard 3873×1105 image source

Apple keyboard (A1242), 2009

Apple iMac Keyboard A1242-big
Apple keyboard (A1242), year 2009. Apple keyboard In this model, the left and right ⌘ command keys are symmetrically placed with respect to F and J keys. [image source ]

Apple Wireless Keyboard

There are 4 versions:

  1. (A1016) M9270LL/A (4 batteries), 2005
  2. (A1255) MB167LL/A (3 batteries), 2007
  3. (A1314) MC184LL/A (2 batteries), 2009
  4. (A1314) MC184LL/B (2 batteries), 2011
Apple wireless keyboard aluminum 2007 74705
Apple wireless keyboard aluminum 2007 image source

Apple Magic Keyboard, 2015

Apple Magic Keyboard with Numeric Keypad Chinese f3325
Apple Magic Keyboard with Numeric Keypad, traditional Chinese layout. image source

[see Chinese Input Methods]

2015 Apple Laptop Keyboard

Macbook Pro 2015 keyboard 11256
2015 Macbook Pro keyboard
macbook keyboard 2015-03
Macbook Keyboard 2015. MacBook Pro

Note, there's no {Page Up, Page Down, Home, End, ⌦ Delete} keys. [see Evolution of Laptop Keyboards, No More Page Up/Down Keys!]

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