Apple Keyboard History ⌨

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I have used or owned basically all of Apple's external keyboards from 1991 to 2009 (except the aluminum flat of ~2008.)

Apple IIe w monitor 5b7bd-s217x289
Apple IIe, 1983
Apple Macintosh 512 keyboard 18366 s306x204
Macintosh Keyboard M0110, Year 1984
Macintosh Plus Keyboard (M0110A), 1986 Introduced with the Macintosh Plus in 1986. No picture.
Apple IIe Platinum-s277x226
Apple IIe Platinum, 1987
Apple Standard Keyboard M0116, 1987
Apple extended keyboard 1 1987-s391x160
Apple Extended Keyboard, 1987
Macintosh Portable BzRs2-s250
Macintosh Portable, 1989
Apple Keyboard m0487 cbgm7-s289x217
Apple Keyboard II M0487, 1990
Apple extended keyboard 1987 2de64-s250
Apple Extended Keyboard II, 1990
apple adjustable keyboard m1242  34849 s250x250
Apple Adjustable Keyboard 1993
Apple PowerBook Duo 250 cb5db-s289x217
Apple PowerBook Duo 250, 1993
Apple iMac keyboard M2452 1999 jxg7P-s250
Apple USB keyboard, 1999. (Bondi Blue iMac)
Apple Pro Keyboard M7803. Year 2000
Apple pro keyboard german layout 92684-s414x151
Apple Pro Keyboard A1048, Year 2003
Apple Keyboard A1243. Year 2007
Apple keyboard A1242. Year 2009
Apple Wireless Keyboard. Year 2007
Apple Magic Keyboard. Year 2015
MacBook Pro keyboard, Canadian Multilingual Layout

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