Mouse History

By Xah Lee. Date: .

Douglas Engelbart Mouse, 1968

Engelbart mouse
First mouse, from ~1968. Inventor Douglas Engelbart holding the first computer mouse, showing the two wheels that contact the desk. image source
SRI Computer Mouse
SRI Computer Mouse

Optical Mouse, 1980s

This is popular in Sun Microsystem's workstation.

800px-An Early Three Buttoned Mouse
early optical mouse (1980s.) This requires the shiny mirror-like pad underneath to work. image source

Mouses from about 1985 to 1995

mouse 1985 to 1995 history
Mouses from about 1985 to 1995. [photo by mr_a500, from image source ]
  • NeXT mouse [see NeXT Keyboard]
  • ?
  • ?
  • Apple Desktop Bus Mouse II
  • Apple Desktop Bus Mouse
  • Macintosh Mouse (1984).
  • IBM PS/2 mouse (1987)
  • IBM ? mouse
  • IBM ? mouse
Apple Mouse