Apple Macintosh Keyboard M0110, Year 1984

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This keyboard is the original Macintosh (aka Macintosh 128k) keyboard, year 1984.

Apple Macintosh 512 keyboard 18366
Macintosh Keyboard (M0110) (year 1984) (photo by Muirium. image source)

This keyboard is used in:

The keyboard did not have cursor keys. Steve Jobs purposely had left them out of the original Macintosh keyboard to encourage software developers to make software with mouse control. Following Jobs's departure, Apple released the Macintosh Plus with the Apple M0110A keyboard which does have cursor keys.

The keyboard uses Alps SKCC series switches.[1] The switches are typically, if not always, cream. Caps lock uses a latching variant of the switch with a shorter slider; the keycap contains a raised stem to compensate.[1] The keycaps are thick and tall PBT with dye-sub legends.[2]

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