Space-cadet, Lisp Machine Keyboards

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This page is a photo gallery of lisp keyboards.

The Knight Keyboard

lisp knight keyboard
Knight keyboard image source

One of the first Lisp Machine keyboard, called Knight keyboard.

Photo and some info from Knight (TK) keyboard @

Space-Cadet keyboard

The Space-cadet keyboard came after the Knight keyboard.

Space-Cadet keyboard-2m
Symbolics's Space-cadet keyboard. 2003×813 image source

Here's more photos of the Space-cadet keyboard, a brand new one, partially disassembled.

space-cadet keyboard 1
space-cadet keyboard 2
space-cadet keyboard 3
space-cadet keyboard 4
space-cadet keyboard 5
space-cadet keyboard 6
space-cadet keyboard 7
space-cadet keyboard 12
Featuring 👍 👎 and 👈 👉. In front of the keycaps are:

Photos of the Space-cadet keyboard by webwit @ Used with permission.

For the key layout, see: Lisp Machine Keyboard Layout

For lots more photos of the space cadet keyboard, see:

Thanks to Jon Snader for tip.

Symbolics Keyboard PN 364000

This model comes after the Space-cadet keyboard.

Symbolics keyboard
Symbolics Keyboard PN 364000. (Photo by webwit @ Used with permission.)

Symbolics keyboard PN 365407 Rev C

This model comes after the PN 364000, and is compatible to it.

Symbolics's Lisp Machine keyboard PN 365407 Rev C. (Photo by Joey Devilla. Used with permission.)
Left side.
Right side.