Lisp Machine Keyboards

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To understand the history of lisp machine keyboards, you must know some history of lisp machines.

Lisp Machines are computers (hardware) designed to run lisp programing language efficiently.

  1. ~1974. CONS machine. First lisp machine. At MIT. Uses Knight keyboard.
  2. ~1978. CADR machine. 2nd generation of CONS. 25 prototype were sold. Uses Knight keyboard and later Space Cadet Keyboard.
  3. 1981. Symbolics LM-2, by Symbolics Inc. Commercial version of CADR. About 100 are made.
  4. 1981. LMI-CADR, commercial version of CADR by LMI (LMI is Lisp Machines Inc).
  5. 1983. Symbolics 3600.
  6. 1983. LMI-LAMBDA (about ~200 sold).
  7. Symbolics 3640, xl1200, MacIvory, and others.
  8. Texas Instruments, Explorer, MicroExplorer.
  9. Xerox, Innterlisp-D workstation. • Xerox 1100, Dolphin (1979) • Xerox 1132, Dorado • Xerox 1108, Dandelion (1981) • Xerox 1109, Dandetiger • Xerox 1186/6085, Daybreak

Lisp Machine pretty much stopped in 1990, due to, onset of Personal Computer that are cheaper and faster, and “AI Winter” (industry's failed expectation of AI research).

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SAIL Keyboard (year 1970)

SAIL keyboard b1c80-s306x204
SAIL Keyboard

The Knight Keyboard (year ~1974)

lisp knight keyboard-s339x184
Knight Keyboard

CADR (Space Cadet) keyboard (year ~1980)

lmi-cadr keyboard 1st gen space cadget 31997-s289x217
Lisp Machine LMI-CADR keyboard

Space Cadet Keyboard (year ~1980)

Space Cadet keyboard 2
Space-Cadet, 1980

Symbolics Keyboard PN 364000 (year ~1983)

This model is used with Symbolics 3600 machines. Year 1983.

symbolics keyboard pn364000 mrq3w-s349x179
Symbolics Keyboard PN 364000

Symbolics keyboard PN 365407 (year ~1985)

This model comes after the PN 364000, and is compatible to it. This is used in Symbolics 36xx series, perhaps around 1985.

Symbolics keyboard PN 365407 130df-s349x179
Symbolics keyboard PN 365407

Xerox 1109 lisp keyboard (year ~1982)

xerox 1109 lisp keyboard 70302-s289x216
Xerox 1109 Lisp Keyboard

Racal-Norsk KPS-10 Lisp Prototype Keyboard (year ~1984)

Racal-Norsk KPS-10 keyboard 1-s303x206
Racal-Norsk KPS-10 Lisp Prototype Keyboard

Lisp Machine Keyboard USB Driver

2018-07-12 by Mike McMahon (aka MMcM)

Lisp Machine keyboards

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  3. Knight
  4. Lisp Machine LMI-CADR
  5. Space Cadet
  6. Keyboard Design for the LISP Machine
  7. Symbolics PN 364000
  8. Symbolics PN 365407
  9. Xerox 1109
  10. Racal-Norsk KPS-10
  11. History of Emacs and vi Keys

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