Lisp Machine Keyboards

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To understand the history of lisp machine keyboards, you must know some history of lisp machines.

Lisp Machines are computers (hardware) designed to run lisp programing language efficiently.

Lisp Machine pretty much stopped in 1990, due to the beginning of Personal Computer that are cheaper and faster, and “AI Winter” (industry's failed expectation of AI research).

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SAIL Keyboard (year 1970)

The Knight Keyboard (year ~1974)

Space Cadet keyboard (year 1980)

Symbolics Space Cadet Keyboard (year ~1981)

LMI Lambda Keyboard (year ~1983)

Xerox 1108/1109 lisp keyboard (year ~1982)

Symbolics Keyboard PN 364000 (year ~1983)

This model is used with Symbolics 3600 machines. Year 1983.

Symbolics keyboard PN 365407 (year ~1985)

This model comes after the PN 364000, and is compatible to it. This is used in Symbolics 36xx series, perhaps around 1985.

Racal-Norsk KPS-10 Lisp Prototype Keyboard (year ~1984)

Lisp Machine Keyboard USB Driver

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