Apple Laptop Keyboards

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A gallery of Apple's laptop keyboards.

Macintosh Portable BzRs2-s250
Macintosh Portable, 1989
Apple PowerBook Duo 250 cb5db-s289x217
Apple PowerBook Duo 250, 1993
Apple iBook G4 Snow keyboard euro layout 98214
Apple iBook G4 Snow keyboard (year 2003), European layout.

Note, there's no physical {PageUp, PageDown, Home, End, Delete ⌦} keys.

[see Apple Keyboard Problems]

Macbook Pro 2015 keyboard 11256
2015 Macbook Pro keyboard.
macbook keyboard 2015-03
Macbook Keyboard 2015.
MacBook Pro 16 2019 emily
MacBook Pro 16-inch, 2019. Bottom is diy steno keyboard [see Stenotype Machine] (photo by emily. [see happy hacking emily lisp server])
M1 MacBook Pro 2021-12-14
M1 MacBook Pro [photo by rezii 2021-12-14] MacBook Pro
M1 MacBook Air kbd 20211219-s250
M1 MacBook Air

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