Mac Keyboard Viewer and Unicode

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In macOS, you can type special characters such as { é ƒ © ° }, by holding down the ⌥ option key. To see what characters are available, you can pull the Keyboard Viewer.

mac keyboard preference 2017 09 33869
Mac keyboard preference panel. 2017-09-22. Checkbox the “Show Input menu in menu bar”

To start Keyboard Viewer:

  1. Open System Preferences
  2. Click keyboard icon
  3. Select “Input Sources” tab
  4. Click at the botton “Show input menu in menu bar”.
  5. Then, on the input menu at the top right of the menu bar, there's a 〖Show Keyboard Viewer〗 menu. This will show the Keyboard Viewer.
mac keyboard menu bar 2017 09 06497
Mac keyboard menu bar
apple keyboard viewer 2018 05 01
macOS keyboard viewer 2018-05-01
mac keyboard viewer 2017 09 74135
macOS keyboard viewer, 2017-09-22
Mac keyboard viewer 2017 09 06620
Mac keyboard viewer, with ⌥ option key held down. 2017-09-22

Those colored orange are prefix keys, allowing you to type accented characters such as {é ü ô}.

International Keyboard Layouts

Mac keyboard viewer us int 2017  41373
Mac keyboard viewer, with ⌥ option key down, US International layout, 2017.
Mac keyboard viewer us ext 2017  44927
Mac keyboard viewer, with ⌥ option key down, US extended layout, 2017

Switch the keyboard layout to US Extended if you need lots of accented characters.

Mac keyboard viewer Dvorak 2017  bqne5
Mac keyboard viewer, with ⌥ option key down, Dvorak layout, 2017

Mac keyboard viewer qwerty 2017 pggvk
Mac keyboard viewer, 2017.
Mac keyboard viewer dvorak 2017 06 08 y76sq
Mac keyboard viewer, Dvorak layout, 2017.
mac keyboard viewer
Mac keyboard viewer, Dvorak layout, ~2006.
mac keyboard viewer
Mac keyboard viewer, Dvorak layout, ~2006.

Define Your Own Keys to Insert Unicode Symbols

You can define keys to insert any Unicode character, such as { 😂 α }.

For how, see: Creating Keyboard Layout in Mac OS X.

For a list of symbols, see: Unicode Characters ∑ ♥ 😄

See also: Apple Keyboards ⌨

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