Mac: How to Switch to Dvorak Keyboard Layout

By Xah Lee. Date: . Last updated: .
  1. Go to the menu 〖Apple ▸ System Preferences…〗
  2. click the “International”
  3. click the Input Menu tab.
  4. Check box the “Dvorak” there.
Dvorak Mac OS X dialog
The “International” dialog.

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Mac Keyboard Topic

  1. Mac Keyboard Tools
  2. Swap CapsLock Control Opt Cmd
  3. Change Keybinding
  4. Keyboard Viewer and Unicode
  5. Switch to Dvorak Keyboard Layout
  6. Hover to Switch Window
  7. Mac Keyboard Shortcuts
  8. Apple Keyboards ⌨
  9. Apple Keyboard History ⌨
  10. Difference Between Apple and PC keyboards

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