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Mac has a auto-click feature: when the pointer stops moving, it automatically does a click.

This saves you lots clicks. And is also extremely useful as a way to switch windows.

If you have Repetitive Strain Injury, turn this on.

But if you use Apple's touchpad touch to click, then you may not need auto-click, as touch-click is very easy on the fingers, and auto-click needs to get used to, because you'll need to learn to find a place to “park” the pointer.

Apple touchpad

macOS High Sierra, v 10.13.1

Mac dwell control 2017 11 58d54
Mac dwell control 2017-11-27 (macOS High Sierra, v 10.13.1)
  1. Go to the menu 〖Apple ▸ System Preferences…〗
  2. click “Accessibility”
  3. click “Keyboard”.
  4. click tab “Accessibility Keyboard”.
  5. click checkbox “Enable Accessibility Keyboard”.
  6. Click button “Dewell Options …” to control preference.

Each time the mouse moves, a huge keyboard panel pops up.

To stop that, click on the button “Panel Editor”, and create a new panel, add just 2 buttons in it, “click” and “pause”. Make them small.

Mac dwell panel 095d5
Customized, tiny, Mac dwell panel.

Also, make the panel not disappear. Uncheckbox the “fade panel after inactivity” in the keyboard preference.

Also, setup a “hot corner” on the screen, so that you can move mouse there and click pause to stop the auto click.

macOS Sierra, v 10.12.6

Mac dwell control 29711
macOS Dwell Control (auto-click) 2017-09-20. (macOS Sierra, v 10.12.6)
  1. Go to the menu 〖Apple ▸ System Preferences…〗
  2. click Accessibility
  3. click Dwell Control.
Mac dwell control 50332
macOS Dwell Control (auto-click) 2017-09-20.

I recommend setting the “Dewell movement tolerance” to 0. When it's not 0, small pointer movement will be ignored.

You can experiment by setting it to 0 or 50. You'll see the difference.

With Trackball

The auto-click feature is especially great when using a trackball or trackpad.

logitech mx ergo trackball 86831
Logitech Mx Ergo Trackball

see Best Trackballs 2018

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