Mac: Hover to Switch Window

By Xah Lee. Date: .

Mac has a auto-click feature: when the pointer stops moving, it automatically does a click.

This saves you lots clicks.

And is also extremely useful as a way to switch windows.

If you have Repetitive Strain Injury, turn this on.

Mac dwell control 29711
macOS Dwell Control (auto-click) 2017-09-20.
  1. Go to the menu 〖Apple ▸ System Preferences…〗
  2. click Accessibility
  3. click Dwell Control.
Mac dwell control 50332
macOS Dwell Control (auto-click) 2017-09-20.

I recommend setting the “Dewell movement tolerance” to 0. When it's not 0, small pointer movement will be ignored.

You can experiment by setting it to 0 or 50. You'll see the difference.

With Trackball

The auto-click feature is especially great when using a trackball or trackpad.

logitech mx ergo trackball 86831
Logitech Mx Ergo Trackball

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