Programable Keyboards with Onboard Memory

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Here's list of programable keyboards with onboard memory. Meaning, after you programed the keys, you can plug the keyboard into any computer, running linux or Mac or Microsoft Windows, and your keys will work. No need internet connection, no need to program the key again.

Note: many gaming keyboards, in particular those by Razer and Corsair, require you to have internet connection (they call it cloud) for your customized keys to work. Often, the keyboard won't even work as a basic keyboard when used with Linux.

kinesis freestyle edge keyboard f891e
Kinesis Edge
ly092 mini keyboard 26590c
SmartYao LY092

Mistel Barocco

Logitech G710+
vortex 75 percent keyboard 52592
Vortex 75% Keyboard

Vortex KBC Poker 3

x bows keyboard top 26650


Hard to Buy

The following are not readily available.

Diverge 3


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