Programable Keyboards with Onboard Memory

By Xah Lee. Date: . Last updated: .

Here's list of programable keyboards with onboard memory.

Why programable? here's advantages:

Here's examples where OS remapped keys does not work, but programable keyboard key works:

  1. In linux, the boot screen or single user mode, your X11 dependent remap won't work.
  2. On Windows, AutoHotkey does not work when the app need privilege, such as when you run regedit.
  3. On Windows, many games ignore OS level key remaps to prevent cheating.
  4. On Windows, you cannot remap some โ–ย Window key combination.
  5. On Mac, the OS remaps your numpad keys.

Note: many gaming keyboards, in particular those by Razer and Corsair, require you to have internet connection (they call it cloud) for your customized keys to work. Often, the keyboard won't even work as a basic keyboard when used with Linux.

kinesis freestyle edge keyboard f891e-s289x217
Kinesis Edge
UHK 20181214 split 0dfd2-s289x217
Ultimate Hacking
ly092 mini keyboard f3281 2-s349x179
SmartYao LY092
mistel barocco ergonomic split keyboard-s392x159
Mistel Barocco
Kinesis top view 194406-s289x217
Kinesis Advantage 2
x bows keyboard top 26650
diverge 3 keyboard 15717-s341x183
Diverge 3
keyboardio m1 rgb 44488-s306x204
ergodox infinity keyboard 25150-s333x188

1 Piece Flat

Some select ones.

CM MasterKeys PBT b638a-s437x143
CM MasterKeys PBT
CM MasterKeys Pro L 40060-s354x177
CM MasterKeys Pro
vortexgear cypher keyboard f447e-s453x138
Vortexgear Cypher
vortex 75 percent keyboard 52592-s406x154
Vortex 75%
KBC Poker 3 keyboard 1-s432x145
KBC Poker 3

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