Perl: How to Write a Module

By Xah Lee. Date: . Last updated: .

Here's to write a module in Perl by a example.

Save the following 3 lines in a file and name it

package mymodule;  # declaring the module

sub f1($){$_[0]+1}  # module body

# more code here

1   # module must return a true value

Then, call it like the following way:

use mymodule;  # import the module
print mymodule::f1(5);   # call the function

This is the simplest illustration of writing a package in Perl and calling its function.

Module vs Package

The word “module” and “package” are often used interchangably. Sometimes in a technical context, the word “module” refers to a file, and the word “package” refers to the namespace.

Module File Path Correspondence

Module/package name corresponds to the file's name/path. e.g. if you have a module at

you load it like this:

use abc;

module file can be grouped into directories. If you have a module with subdirs, named:


you can load it like this

use GameX::sound;

The double colon :: corresponds to directory separator /.

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