PowerShell: Profile (init file)

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What is PowerShell Profile

PowerShell profile are files PowerShell loads when starting up. It can contain your own functions, alias, or other customization.

Profile Location

All Users, All Hosts


All Users, Current Host


Current User, All Hosts


Current user, Current Host


Just create the file, and add Function or Alias or other PowerShell code to the file.

Profile Path Variable

Profile paths are stored in the variable $PROFILE. In particular, in the NoteProperty.

To list profile paths, do

$PROFILE | Get-Member -Type NoteProperty | Format-List
PowerShell profile 2022-06-13 b4gVY
PowerShell profile 2022-06-13

Start PowerShell Without Loading Profile

pwsh -NoProfile

Show PowerShell Command-Line Options

pwsh -h


pwsh -?

PowerShell: Profile and Script