PowerShell: List of Aliases

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PowerShell has many aliases, so if you are familiar with cmd.exe or bash, you can use it right away.

For example, dir, ls, gci, are all the same as Get-ChildItem .

List All Aliases of a Command

Get-Alias -definition fullname
List all aliases of a cmdlet.

Get-Alias itself has an alias of gal

get-alias -definition get-childitem
powershell 2021-01-20 k538J
powershell alias

Find Full Name of a Alias

# find the full name of the alias dir
get-alias dir
PowerShell alias 2022-07-17 Vk7Qr
PowerShell alias 2022-07-17

Create New Alias

create or set alias.
Set-Alias -Name l -Value Get-ChildItem

# short syntax
sal l Get-ChildItem

Note: unlike bash, you cannot create a alias to command with options. Write a Function instead.

Delete a Alias

Example, to remove alias x, do Remove-Item alias:x

List Aliases

# list all alias
Get-Alias *

List of All PowerShell Aliases

Order by Alias

Order by Full Name

Alias of Functions

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