PowerShell: List of Aliases

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Many commands in PowerShell by default have many aliases, so if you are familiar with cmd.exe or bash, you can use it right away.

For example, dir, ls, gci, are all the same as Get-ChildItem .

List All Aliases of a Command

Get-Alias -definition fullname

List all aliases of a cmdlet.

Get-Alias itself has an alias of gal

get-alias -definition get-childitem
powershell 2021-01-20 k538J
powershell alias

Find Full Name of a Alias

# find the full name of the alias dir
get-alias dir
PowerShell alias 2022-07-17 Vk7Qr
PowerShell alias 2022-07-17

Create New Alias


create or set alias.

Set-Alias -Name l -Value Get-ChildItem

# short syntax
sal l Get-ChildItem

Note: unlike bash, you cannot create a alias to command with options. Write a Function instead.

Delete a Alias

Example, to remove alias x, do Remove-Item alias:x

List Aliases

# list all alias
Get-Alias *

List of All PowerShell Aliases

Order by Alias

Order by Full Name

Alias of Functions

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