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In-place Algorithm, Reverse List in JavaScript, Python, Perl, Lisp, Wolfram Lang

Wikipedia on Combinatory Logic

reading Combinatory logic. Quite lousy a article.

When a subject matter is esoteric, such as this, especially programing related article, typically the Wikipedia article is a hodgepodge of terms and concepts. It's like, one student added one sentence here, another student adds another term there. Nobody really understands the subject as a whole, and have zero understanding of the field's context, development, and place in ontology, but they just add and edit stuff piecemeal.

Usually, you can't say one specific sentence or place is wrong, but the whole thing together is incoherent incomprehensible crap. Though, it does get better over the years.

Updated: SOPA: Stop or Start Online Piracy Act? .

What is the Difference Between Hacker and Tech Geeker?

Hackers: Dead Links and Human Compassion?

Oldie but goodie: Unix Pestilence: Quotations .

Today's HAL's birthday. Run this perl code to have Mac sing Daisy Bell. Daisy Bell in “2001: A Space Odyssey”

For Hackers: Computing History, Software and Language Design

For you programers, i highly recommend this series of videos:

“Crockford on JavaScript - Volume 1: The Early Years”

Especially if you think you are a “Hacker”.

There's 8 videos, total time is several hours. The first 3 or so is actually about computing history, software design, language design. The last few are more technical about JavaScript and web tech.

This is very popular. I highly recommend it if you haven't seen already. At least the first 3 vids.

Xah Lee Introduces Stanford University Courses

Unicode Semantics: Turn A Gundam

Updated: Max Number of Simultaneous Key-Press (N-key Rollover, NKRO, Ghosting)

More Keyboard Geeking

New page Truly Ergonomic keyboard (review) .

Plus several updates on

Improving writing, added photo, cleaned dead links, etc.

If you like the reviews, tell your friends, tweet, blog about it, buy it from amazon links on my site. Thanks.

Much updated: Keyboard Key Switch Mechanisms