KBC Poker Keyboard, Ducky Keyboard

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KBC poker 2 keyboard 1e0e6
KBC = the Key Board to Cheer you up
KBC keyboard banner
It's funny. The name KBC stand for: “the Key Board to Cheer you up”. Nice counter to Happy Hacking.

Here are some high-quality mechanical keyboards from China and Taiwan.

Vortexgear Poker 3 Keyboard

2015, new

KBC Poker Keyboard

“KBC Poker keyboard”, from China.

school girl keyboard yea0999
According to keyboard geek reviewers, her tongue got stuck in her braces due to the weight of this keyboard.
KBC Poker keyboard
KBC Poker keyboard. [imgage source deskthority.net ]
KBC Poker keyboard 2
KBC Poker keyboard preview model. Note the engraved key labeling.

Note the engraved key labels. This means the labels won't rub out. This is high quality, much more expensive to manufacture.

This keyboard is available in any of mechanical switch of Cherry MX {Blue, Brows, Black, Red} versions. [see Keyboard Key Switch Mechanisms]

KBC Poker vs HHKB keyboard
Happy Hacking (HHKB) (model Professional 2) vs KBC Poker keyboard.

Note that for some models of these keyboards, there is no arrow keys. Also, they don't have {F1, F2, etc} keys, no PageUp PageDown keys. You have to press a key combination (with Fn). This is bad. See: Happy Hacking Keyboard.

Here is a forum in China about this keyboard: http://bbs.kbc-china.com/bbs.php.


Chinese site, with many many photos. http://www.pcwaishe.cn/thread-479757-1-1.html

Ducky Keyboard

ducky channel keyboard showgirls
Ducky Girls, at Computex Taipei 2012. Company site at http://www.duckychannel.com.tw/en/index.html

For those who love full-sized keyboard with mechanical switches, there's Ducky keyboard, again from Taiwan. They have lots models, with many different Cherry MX switches. Be sure to check the model spec.

Ducky keyboard DK9008
“Ducky keyboard DK9008” 3872×2592 [image source http://mognet.no-ip.info/2010/10/179]

This keyboard seems to feature full n-key rollover. [see Max Number of Simultaneous Key-Press (N-key Rollover, NKRO, Ghosting)]

Also, note the black-on-black key labels. According to a blogger, the buyer can custom order the label color or key colors.

Ducky's official Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/pages/Ducky-Keyboard/

thanks to https://twitter.com/Ryuutei

Mechanical Switch Keyboards

There are quite a lot mechanical keyboards you can chose from. Ergonomic ones, or straight ones, or without numberpad. Here's a list: List of Keyboards with Mechanical Switch.