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Unicode use: The Wave Dash γ€œ (bottom)

updated Windows Console Key Shortcuts

PowerShell: List of Aliases

GNU Logo Latte Art

Egyptian Hieroglyph π“‚€

updated: Lambda in Python 3000

Unicode: Examples of Symbol Usage

Emacs + Keyboard Geeking, the Nth Episode 2012-03-27

From Why Not Ruby to Screw Python Hello Ruby

updated with nice pics Logitech Wave Keyboard Review

updated: Keyboard Evolution: Zoom Button, Dedicated Keys

updated: AutoHotkey Key Syntax

updated: 𝕲𝖔 π•Ώπ–π–”π–š 𝖆𝖓𝖉 𝕯𝖔 π•·π–Žπ–π–Šπ–œπ–Žπ–˜π–Š 🌞 πŸͺ🐫πŸͺ 🌴 Python: Unicode Tutorial 🐍

The Key to Perl



Who's a Professional Programer?

got a stupid comment at PHP: Send HTML Mail

Quote of the entire comment:

my error:
Warning: Unexpected character in input: '\' (ASCII=92) state=1 in /home/a9904100/public_html/register.php on line 89

line 89? My code is only 31 lines.

what possible programer idiot posts comment like this? I know! Majority of professional programers are like that. Professional programer means anyone who makes a living by coding. Unfortunately, to the tech geekers we see slaving in {Emacs, Perl, Python, Lisp, etc} newsgroups and {hackernews, reddit/prog, slashdot, etc} forums, they don't know this fact, and they sing their songs in their batcave about what emacs/software/language/interface should be. When you turn the mirror around, you can see that they, are just idiots of a different color.

Computer Keyboard: Function Keys as Rubber Buttons

see Why Function Keys F1 F2 Are Useful

Articles on Closure

Several articles on closure, updated:

Why's Python a Anti Functional Programing Language?

Python is a anti-functional-programing language. If your coding habit is functional programing style, you'll encounter many problems that makes your life a pain. It is worse than Perl in this aspect. Here's some concrete examples:

Discovered special Unicode chars for Centimeter. See: Semantics and Symbols: Examples of Unicode Symbols Usage .

FAAK Python. Hello Ruby

Keyboards with Numeric Keypad Sawed Off

Tip for Parallel Programing: Always Use Map When Possible

always use β€œmap” whenever possible. Use loops (For example, β€œfor”, β€œwhile”, β€œdo”) only if absolutely necessary (i.e. when you actually need to work on the items one by one in order.)

See: Guy Steele Says: Don't Iterate, Recurse, and Get rid of cons!

Keyboards without Number Pad .

Update at bottom: Why Learn Lisp When There Are Perl and Python .

Few days ago i wrote Python: Append String in Loop. Someone wrote a more extensive test. See:

I'm a Idiot: How to Copy a Nested List in Python?

What is true and false in Perl, Python: Perl, Python: True and False

Python: Append String in Loop

Python: Tuple

Tablet Computer Issues and Touch-Screen Interface Pros and Cons

Update: Unicode Font Comparison: Arial Unicode MS vs DejaVu Sans

Paul Graham Keynote at PyCon πŸ“Ί

Programing: Are int, float, long, double, Side-Effects of Computer Engineering?

What is Closure in Programing Language

Updated: Parallel Programing Problem: asciify-string

Programing: What's a β€œOnline Algorithm”?

In computer science, an online algorithm is one that can process its input piece-by-piece in a serial fashion, i.e., in the order that the input is fed to the algorithm, without having the entire input available from the start. In contrast, an offline algorithm is given the whole problem data from the beginning and is required to output an answer which solves the problem at hand. (For example, selection sort requires that the entire list be given before it can sort it, while insertion sort doesn't.)

[ Online algorithm ] [ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Online_algorithm ]


LISP is Not Functional

Steve Yegge on Dynamic Languages

Programing Language Design and Language Idioms: Why Idioms Are Bad