Xah Programing Blog 2014-05

quick note: Emacs vs vim, Compute Keybinding Efficiency

Keyboard Layout: is Programer Dvorak Really More Efficient Than Dvorak?

in keyboard layout, there's Dvorak for programers. It differs from Dvorak primarily by swapping the numbers and symbols, so that you don't have to type Shift when you need to input chars such as ! @ # $ % & * ( )

the question is, does this actually make it more efficient?

now i have the definitive answer. See: Computer Languages Characters Frequency (just added digits there. Refresh page)

See updated: Keyboard Layout, Is Inverted Number Row Better?

now complete. Computer Languages Characters Frequency with JavaScript + svg charts.

MMO Mouses (updated)

Linux: xmodmap Tutorial (minor update)

USB Keyboard Scancode Reference, Physical Key Layouts (updated)

Computer Language Design: String Syntax (minor update)

haml, sass, yaml, slim, Mustache, html6, idiocies ran galore

How to Convert HTML to PDF (on its own page)

What Characters Are Not Allowed in File Names? (repost)

Ban Shift Key

Cursor Movement Keys: vim's {h j k l} vs Inverted T {i j k l}

Python: Loop Thru List (minor update)