Keyboard Layout, Is Inverted Number Row Better?

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What is Inverted Number Row

Some keyboard layouts have inverted number row.

Canadian French kbd
Canadian French keyboard layout. [ ]

Layouts with inverted number row

Keyboard with inverted number row include:

programer dvorak layout CJGMP
Programer's Dvorak keyboard layout

Is inverted number row more efficient?

Let's answer that question.

Here is number row of conventional keyboard:

!@#$% ^&*()
12345 67890

I have tried the inverted number row, for a few weeks around 2005, but in the end i abandoned it.

One problem is that the numbers are needed often too, especially a sequence of numbers like credit cards, ID numbers, dates โ€œ2010-08-30โ€ or if you do a lot scientific programing with code such as x^2 - 1/5 * 1.6. But now you need to press Shift for the numbers.

And if you type Chinese with pinyin input method, you need to type one of the number 1 2 3 4 about every 6 keystrokes. [see Chinese Input Methods]

Is Numbers Used More Often or the Symbols?

inverted number row frequency
Computer Languages Characters Frequency

is numbers used more often or the symbols? The answer depends on what type of text you type.

To compute and plot your own, see Character Frequency Plot

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