MMO Mouses

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Here is a list of MMO mouses. That is, mouses with more than 10 buttons.

Logitech G600 Gaming Mouse Review

This is my fav, and is what i use now.

Razer Naga Mouse

Razer Naga gaming mouse 2
“Razer Naga Gaming Mouse” Buy at amazon

Razer is the first to have created the keypad mouse, the Naga MMOG mouse.

At first i thought this would be the most stupid mouse. I thought that, some geek thought more button is better, so jam'd the mouse with cellphone number keys. The result would be very painful to use. However, from reading's reviews, apparently it is usable.

After reading and watching many reviews, this is actually a very good mouse. Half of the buttons can be operated by touch easily.

When this mouse first came out in 2009, the number keys are not programable. They are simply the same as the number keys on number pad (so, you program the number pad keys instead). But with version 2 of driver, they are programable now! So, a mouse with truely 17 programable buttons. That's fantastic.

Razer Naga Hex Gaming Mouse

Razer Naga hex gaming mouse red
Razer Naga Hex gaming mouse. Buy at amazon

for example, on the Razer Naga hex mouse:

Apparently, 17 buttons is one too many for some. So, Naga came up with a 6 side buttons version, the Naga Hex.

Though, some reports that the buttons are actually confusing to use, and prefer the keypad-like ones.

Razer Naga Hex Review (with Naga comparison) Buy at amazon

Redragon Perdition Mouse 红龙 灭世 鼠标

This one wins because it's cheap! About half the price of similar mouse, and the reviews are not bad.

redragon perdition mouse  001 01
“Redragon Perdition 18-buttons mouse” Buy at amazon

The only issue is that it is biggish mouse, for large hands.

Mostly positive reviews on amazon.

Redragon Perdition Mouse 红龙 灭世 鼠标

UtechSmart Venus 18-Buttons Mouse

UtechSmart venus mouse
UtechSmart venus mouse. Buy at amazon

This is a new comer. First available on . Much cheaper than competitors.

see video review at UtechSmart Venus Gaming Mouse


What about wireless?

Razer Naga epic wireless gaming mouse 5
“Razer Rechargable Wireless Gaming Mouse” Buy at amazon

more photos, see: Razer Naga Epic Rechargable Wireless Mouse


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