Computer Languages Characters Frequency

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This page shows the frequency of punctuation characters used in programing languages.

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computer language char frequency

It's plotted by a JavaScript plotter at Character Frequency Counter

Percentage of languages:


char freq js 2018-08-27 d9cf0
2018-08-27 Source: React v16.4.1 react.development.js react-dom.development.js d3js Version 5.0.0
All these are actually generated pre ES2015 code.
char freq react js 2018-08-27 96d1a
2018-08-27 Source: React v16.4.1 react.development.js react-dom.development.js
char freq d3js 2018-08-27 f84db
2018-08-27 Source: d3js Version 5.0.0
comp lang char frequency js
Date 2013-05. • JavaScript code in git source repo. • JavaScript in nodejs repo. • Angular.js YUI3 Backbone.js Dojo JQuery prototype.js

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comp lang char frequency java
Date 2013-05. Google Web Toolkit

Code sample at Java Tutorial


char freq golang 2020-06-29 7498t
char freq golang 2020-06-29
lines starting with the comment “// ” are moved.



using other source have similar result.

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comp lang char frequency cpp
Date 2013-05. • nodejs repo.


comp lang char frequency c
Date 2013-05. • git repo. • nodejs repo. • gnu emacs repo.


comp lang char frequency php
Date 2013-05. PHP Sympony

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comp lang char frequency python
Date 2013-05. • Python 3.2 default libs. • python code in git source repo. • python code in nodejs source repo. • DJango

Code sample at Python 3 Tutorial


comp lang char frequency ruby
Date 2013-05. Ruby 1.9 default libs. Ruby on Rails

Code sample at Ruby: Learn Ruby in 1 Hour


comp lang char frequency perl
Date 2013-05. • Perl 5.14 default libs. • perl code in nodejs source repo. • perl code in git source repo.

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comp lang char frequency bash
Date 2013-05. • Ubuntu Linux /etc/init.d shell scripts • bash code in git source repo.


comp lang char frequency css

Code sample at Visual CSS


comp lang char frequency haskell 2019-05-14 gs527
haskell 2019-05-14