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RubyConf 2016 Clojure by Phill MV esr
RubyConf 2016 - To Clojure and back: writing and rewriting in Ruby by Phill MV

in the recent “is clojure dying” crisis, saw this. that's esr. I don't like esr, but this Phil MV is a scumbag in my book.

the worst atrocities in history are done by those who think they are morally superior.

Why Clojure is Dense (repost)

Java Shell Commands: javac java jar javadoc (minor update)

Java: Working with Jar File (minor update)

HISTORY of Java Logo! Xah Java Logo (added Java mascot Duke)

ImageMagick Tutorial (added how to change transparency/alpha to white)

Java: Unicode in Source Code (minor update)

Reasonably Programmable Syntax

My thesis introduces typed literal macros (TLMs). TLMs take the tedium out of constructing and pattern matching over composite data structures by allowing library providers to define new type-specific literal forms (think list literals, set literals, HTML literals, regex literals, SQL literals and so on.) These literal forms come equipped with powerful abstract reasoning principles -- clients can reason about program text directly, rather than about the underlying literal expansion, and they need not worry about syntactic conflicts. We are in the process of implementing TLMs in Tidy.

I design programmable front-ends for typed functional programming languages. My goal is to take the tedium out of writing clean, compositional code.

by Cyrus Omar


see also Syntax Algebra

Linux: Traverse Directory: find, xargs (added a screenshot)

Computer Languages Characters Frequency (New code. JavaScript ES2015)

Character Frequency Counter

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Stop Firefox F11 Fullscreen Animation

type “about:config” in url bar. Type “animat” in search box. Click the one.

looking for a real ECMAScript 2015 to ES5 compiler

stackoverflow any real js compiler 2017 04 23

took time to ask a question on stackoverflow. Immediately, it becomes a flame situation, and downvoted by fscking idiots.

i feel like rage quit and delete my stackoverflow account.

Often, you hear hackers extol “standards”. But here, i'm simply asking for a standard compliant JavaScript tool. The programers seem to mob it right away.

The hacker programer idiots, praise standards, but now don't seem to see a double standard, where they embrace enterprise induced baggage in spite of standard.

Is it not a simple question to ask for a JavaScript compiler that compiles ES2015 to ES5?

my question got closed within 1 hour.

stackoverflow any real js compiler 2017 04 23 30af84c1

I wasn't trying to rant. That was a earnest question, after a month of trying TypeScript and Babel, i thought i take time to ask it at the right place, StackOverflow, and get some answers.

What i got, is a bunch of idiots ignorant of ECMAScript spec, then, others perceiving it as rant and downvote it.

The one guy who seem to understand me is Aluan Haddad.

Another guy, estus, is the aggressive scum.

The coding industry is always filled with these idiot priests like the estus, they run the show. That's why it's eternally complex.

The question itself, is interesting. Because, you see there are a lot languages that compile to JavaScript, from golang, clojure, ruby, python, ocaml, CoffeeScript, Dart, Elm, and tens more. In these languages, there's no problem of using ES2015 features. So, you have a interesting situation, why is that these language can compile js 2015 no problem, but when written in JavaScript, it has a problem?

Of course, there isn't any problem. It's just it's not commonly done, due to how js code in the industry works.

That is, most js based js compilers try to maintain some performance similarity of source code and generated code, and or, due to how the industry works using npm and gazillion frameworks and packers, they try to stick to that work flow so that some js 2015 becomes a separate library. Because, when working in industry, your source code is not going to be 100% ES2015 anyway. You already gotta have a gazillion require. So, the compiler writers put some ES2015 object into a separate library, that need require, that way, you have more control.

Of course, that's not how things should be. I'm pretty sure there is a pure js compiler that compiles ES2015 to ES5 js. But those hacker idiots, their heads don't have a brain. is made of idioms of haker news. reflect what they are fed from the usual idioms of hacker news et al, and think they know it all, and tell you what you should do.

Of course, that's not how things should be. I'm pretty sure there is a pure js compiler that compiles ES2015 to ES5 js. But those hacker idiots, their head don't have a brain, they simply reflect what they are fed from the idiom trough of hacker news et al, and think they know it all, and tell you what you should do.

Algorithm should be renamed recipe. Programing language should be renamed recipe language. This will massively increase understanding.

streetfighter video game AI engine, how it works https://sf2platinum.wordpress.com/2017/01/20/the-ai-engine/

Linux: Users and Groups (added screenshot)

Linux: Show Opened Files, lsof (updated)

Linux: Basic Shell Commands (minor update)

Vomits of the Millennial Trifles

Google Plus ghost town 2017 04 15

my fav social network is still google plus. Full post of text or photos of hearts content. No char limit shit. Write properly, or flow sans restraint. None of the artificial limit that narrows one's thoughts and induces vomits of the millennial trifles.

unfortunately, Google Greed fucked it up. 'was the ghost town of forced id. Now it's just ghost town.

i'm tentatively on mastodon, @xahlee@noagendasocial.com at https://noagendasocial.com/

Unicode Symbol for “e.g.” (exempli gratia) (major update, see bottom)

Unicode Approx Equal ≈ vs Tilde ~

xah lee site unicode approx equal replacement 2017 04 13
Replace all Unicode approx equal char back to tilda of my articles. e.g. ≈1986 → ~1986. About 1900 replacements in 766 files.
xah lee site unicode approx equal replacement 2017 04 13 95442
emacs xah-find.el in action. [see Emacs: xah-find.el, Find Replace in Pure Elisp]

the diff skills/knowledge of programers can be large, like highschool vs phd. Can't tell on the web. Only way is to see what software he's written.

new idiotic jargon has come onto the scene. IoT=internet of things. Meaning, internet + smart devices + smart cars + all. The term will probably not catch on, or die in a couple of years.

IoT is used by the Ubuntu Linux founder Mark Shuttleworth. Networth £160M.

Printed Citations to Xah Lee Site

nice to find 2016 book still cite Xah Lee.

Hacker Archetypes??

esr hacker classification xah lee comment 2017 04 04

Left a comment on esr's blog. This is second one. First one is about 5 years ago.

[Hacker Archetypes By Eric Raymond. At http://esr.ibiblio.org/?p=7478 , accessed on 2017-04-04 ]

Qi lang home page dead

creator of Qi lisp and Shen, Mark Tarver's home page now 404. http://www.lambdassociates.org/ He's the most idiotic guy in marketing. Sad.

see also • Qi Lisp Language LogoWhy Qi Lisp Fails and Clojure Succeeds