Character Frequency Counter

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Plot character frequency.

Not case sensitive no space no digits no punctuation no A-Z Top 40 only

You can paste in English or Spanish or computer language code or math formula (LaTeX) any text.

English Letter Frequency

Here's a sample plot.

English letter frequency To Build a Fire  Jack London 50383
English letter frequency, from text To Build a Fire by Jack London.

The first 6 are: “ETHANI”.

Where Does ETAOIN Came From?

The popularly known “ETAOIN” is the frequency order from PRINTED BOOKS.

letter frequency etaoin 61173
letter frequency from printed books between year 1800 to 2000. [English Letter Frequency Counts: Mayzner Revisited or ETAOIN SRHLDCU By Peter Novig. At , accessed on 2017-10-03 ]

ETAOIN Does Not Represent Common Text

If you are designing a keyboard layout, then ETAOIN is not a good model to use.

ETAOIN does not contain H.

H is used in lots common words, and these words are used frequently, for example:

Vast majority of keyboard users, are likely to type just common chat text only, not printed books text, such as novels and academic text.

See also: Computer Languages Characters Frequency

2017-10-03, thanks to Ian Doug ( for finding a source of ETAOIN.

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