Keyboard Layout Design ⌨

There are 2 aspects of keyboard layout:

  1. letter keys layout. (for example, QWERTY, Dvorak.)
  2. keyboard shortcuts layout. (for example, copy, cut, paste, Photoshop keys, vim, emacs.)

We study the efficiency of these aspects. (there's also physical keys layout. That is, the physical shape and size of the keyboard hardware. For that, see Keyboard Reviews ⌨.)

Letters Layout

  1. List of Layouts
  2. Dvorak Layout
  3. What's the Most Efficient Keyboard Layout?
  4. Dvorak vs Colemak
  5. Myth of QWERTY vs Dvorak
  6. Maltron vs Dvorak
  7. Dvorak vs Colemak vs Workman
  8. Hardware vs Software Dvorak
  9. International Keyboard Layouts

Letters Layout Efficiency

  1. English letter frequency To Build a Fire  Jack London 50383
    Char Frequency Counter
  2. comp lang char Frequency
  3. Most Efficient Layout for Numbers?
  4. Semicolon vs Apostrophe Frequency
  5. Inverted Number Row Better?

Keybinding Layout, Input Systems

  1. Emacs vs vi: How to Compute Keybinding's Efficiency?
  2. Arrow Keys Efficiency: vim HJKL vs IJKL
  3. Design of vim Mode Activation Key

  4. History of emacs/vi Keys
  5. key chord control z 65237
    Ban Key Combos
  6. Ban Shift Key
  7. Function Key vs Key Chord
  8. How Many Shortcuts Are There
  9. Fast-repeat vs Non-fast-repeat Keys
  10. Mac keyboard viewer us int 2017  41373
    Design Math Symbols Input System

  11. Dedicated keys, Special Buttons, Extra Keys
  12. Chinese Input Methods


  1. Keyboard Hardware Dvorak vs Software Dvorak
  2. List of Hardware Dvorak Layout Keyboards
  3. Blank Keycaps vs Labeled Keys
  4. Linux Mac Windows, Which is Best for Keybinding?


  1. Chinese Input Methods
  2. Pinyin Letter Frequency
  3. Japanese Layouts
  4. German Layouts
  5. French Layouts
  6. French Letter Frequency
  7. Russian Layout
  8. Russian Layout and Programing

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