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Atom 1.0 released. Syntax Coloring Compared: Emacs, Vim, Atom, Sublime, Visual Studio, WebStorm. Added Atom screenshot.

I'll be looking into Atom a lot.

Emacs Lisp: with-syntax-table Leaking Bug

Emacs vs Vim Tip jar (on its own page)

make the Menu/App Key as leader key. Emacs: Bind Menu/App Key (much expanded. On its own page.)

emacs lisp manual is updated to for emacs 24.5. (info "(elisp) index")

Emacs Lisp: Major Mode Names (major update)

Emacs Lisp: provide, require, features (on its own page)

Syntax Coloring Compared: Emacs, Vim, Atom, Sublime, Visual Studio, WebStorm added Microsoft Visual Studio, Slime Text.

emacs, the interface issue that just won't go away

controversy. See: [Should emacs be different? Alternate Title: New vs. Old: the interface issue that just won't go away At http://www.reddit.com/r/emacs/comments/2yp9v7/should_emacs_be_ifferent/ ]

my opinion posted there.

decades old issue. Note:

  • there are just as many, who used emacs for 2 decades, believe that emacs default keys are the worst. You can see some of it in ergoemacs comments, some of which i've collected.
  • you don't hear these people much because, such opinion are not inline with the emacs community, are raely propagated.
  • i think emacs should turn on cua mode by default. More urgent than ever. Tons of new editors are still cropping up every year, and seems more so in recent years. Atom, Facebook's Atom derivative, and even Microsoft Code.
  • In the past 5 years, in emacs 23 and 24, some controversial UI issues have been fought hard, and decision made towards modernization. For example, visual line arrow key movement. transient-mark-mode.
  • emacs default keys are scientifically Repetitive Strain Injury inducing.
  • emacs default keys, are not just bad for newbies, but are scientifically, technically, inefficient for expert emacs users.
  • The ~7 de facto standard keys for copy cut paste undo open new save... if emacs adopts them, then, the keys would be technically, scientifically, more efficient, for long time emacs users, not just for newbies.
  • I personally believe, emacs should adopt the ~7 de facto standard keys. because: 1, it will increase emacs users by i estimate at least 2 fold within one year. 2, it will make emacs keys more efficient for long time emacs users.

i have over a hundred articles on keybinding issues. The point mentioned above, especially about keys, i have scientific data to backup. If anyone is interested, ask me. It's all on my site, by the way.

I love emacs. Emacs the system, i think is still unbeatable in many ways. But its keys, i think is scientifically one of the worst, and as well the number one problem for new users to swallow. There are lots packages that provides alternative, but vast majority of emacs users (i believe more than 60%), are not those we see in online blogs or forums, and don't even know how to use packages. It needs to be the default.

for what's worth, that's my opinion. Thanks.

Syntax Coloring Compared: Emacs, Vim, Atom, Sublime, Visual Studio, WebStorm (major update. Commercial editor results added.)

keyboard key 2 vs b
keyboard key 2 vs b

result from yesterday's vote At https://plus.google.com/113859563190964307534/posts/6xd4Xb71y5E

thanks to all who voted.

which key is easier to press, 2 or b?

vote here. https://plus.google.com/113859563190964307534/posts/6xd4Xb71y5E

Emacs: Clojure CIDER Tutorial if you are starting with Clojure, check it out.

Emacs Keybinding Syntax (minor update)

List of Emacs Starter Kits, year 2013 (minor update)

emacs 24.1 variable: switch-to-visible-buffer

switch-to-visible-buffer → If non-nil, allow switching to an already visible buffer.

This variable was introduced, or its default value was changed, in version 24.1 of Emacs.

Keyboard: What's the Most Efficient Layout for Numbers?

Best Keyboards for Emacs (minor update; repost)

finally, we have a keyboard with a any key

Keyboard.io Keyboard Model 01 ⌨

Emacs: HTML Image Path to Img Tag (major rewrite)

Normal PC Keyboard with Many Thumb Keys

japanese keyboard
“Japanese USB wired PC keyboard” Buy at amazon

if you want a normal PC keyboard but with lots thumb keys for emacs hyper super, get this one.

for more, with mechanical keys, see: Should You Type Space After Comma? and Tiny Space Bar on Japanese Keyboards

Once you get such a keyboard, you can remap the thumb keys. For how to, see Keyboard Tutorial: Layout, Keybinding, Key Macro ⌨

this would beat many keyboard hacks that makes space bar do multiple things or quick key combos like df as leader key.

Emacs: Open File in External App 🚀 (minor update code)

Emacs: New Empty Buffer 🚀 (minor update)

Emacs: Xah CSS Mode, is ready for public use.

Major feature is keyword completion, and coloring of all keyword, not by form. (so, if there's a typo (invalid CSS), you'll know because it won't be colored.) See the link above for screenshot and more features.

Please give it a shot. I'm looking for comment and suggestions. I'll be submitting to MELPA. Thanks.

Emacs: Find Replace on Multiple Files by Function: Add Unicode Name in HTML (minor update, repost)

Emacs Lisp: Convert Color Formats: RGB, HSL, HSV (major updated code.)

Emacs: Working with CSS Color Values (minor update. repost)

Emacs: Copy Current Line If No Selection 🚀 (fixed a issue when cut all also includes previous kill)

Emacs: narrow-to-defun, eval-defun, bug

Practical Emacs Lisp (index re-organized)

New version of emacs tutorial is sent to previous buyers. If you didn't receive the update, please email me at Xah@XahLee.org . Thanks.

A new version of emacs tutorial is out. Buy Xah Emacs Tutorial

Buy, blog. Thank you.

Emacs M-key Notation vs Alt+key Notation (7 years old article. Repost. Minor update)

Emacs Lisp: Multi-Pair String Replacement with Report (updated)

Xah Emacs Packages

in past weeks, i polished several of my packages and submitted them to MELPA. Check them out in above link. In emacs, just call list-packages, then search for “xah”. [see Emacs: Install Package with ELPA/MELPA]

I also like to thank Steve Purcell, who is currently maintaining MELPA. It's huge amount of work. I noticed, everyday, he actually tests incoming packages to check on quality. That's several per day, like full-time job.

Steve Purcell also wrote many emacs packages. You can follow him at:

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