Best Keyboards for Emacs

By Xah Lee. Date: . Last updated: .

Here's what i consider the best keyboards for emacs.


x-bows keyboard 40438-s250
X-Bows Keyboard Review

Compact, easy to adopt. Features large and many thumb keys. Programable. Not expensive.

Kinesis Advantage2 Keyboard

Kinesis Advantage2 20210104 9pSWc-s900
Kinesis Advantage2 Keyboard

This is my main keyboard since 2016.

For full review, see Kinesis Advantage2 Keyboard Review

My config. Xah Fly Keys Layout for Kinesis/Ergodox Keyboard

Efficient Keybinding for Emacs

Also, very important is to get a efficient keybinding for emacs.

see Emacs: Xah Fly Keys