Tiny Spacebar

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keyboard spacy spacebar 2-s
The Spacebar, spanning 5 keys on Apple laptop keyboard.
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[image source [ 2016-03-14 https://twitter.com/SimoneGiertz/status/708978187599007744 ] ]

The Space bar, is huge, typically spanning 5 to 6 keys.

On older Keyboards up to 1990s, the spacebar span 7 to 9 keys!

Better design is to have many thumb keys in place of the spacebar.

Many modern keyboards now split the space into 2 or more keys.

Topre Realforce 89s keyboard 10th anniversary 10207 s
Topre Realforce 89s keyboard 10th anniversary limited keyboard. 1631×1080 [image source https://geekhack.org/index.php?topic=45011.0 ]

Tiny Spacebar on Japan Keyboards

Apple keyboard Japan
Apple keyboard Japan. Notice the spacebar, span about only 3 key spaces. On Apple keyboard US layout, it spans 5 to 6.5, depending on model. [see Apple Keyboard Problems]
japan vaio laptop keyboard 82f65
VAIO laptop Japan keyboard [image source 2018-04-27 [ twitter shaun_kt ] [ 2018-04-27 https://twitter.com/shaun_kt/status/989883899470790656 ]]

Because Japanese doesn't use space character much, as a interesting consequence, on Japanese keyboards, the Space bar is tiny.

logicool k270 japanese keyboard
LOGICOOL Wireless Keyboard K270. (Logitech is branded as Logicool in Japan)
japanese keyboard
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Japanese keyboard layout
Japanese keyboard layout. image source

thanks to Jaehyun Yeom for telling me that Korean do use space a lot.

Do We Need Long Spacebar?

Long spacebar a waste of space! It's that way because it was a lever on mechanical type writers, and the habit stuck.

It should be no more than 2 key's width. The rest space can be used for {Backspace ⌫, Return, Alt.}.

practical typewriting spacebar length 14846
Book practical typewriting, dated 1990, on spacebar length. [image source [ 2017-05-17 https://twitter.com/mwichary/status/865027750851100672 ], thanks to Marcin Wichary]

Why Long Spacebar?

Typewriter Spacebar History

Keyboard with Short Spacebar

Big Ass Spacebar

SteelSeries Apex 350 keyboard a29d6-s335x187
Big Ass Spacebar

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