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HTML CSS JavaScript Jargons: Tag, Element, Node, Object, Attribute, Property, Method

JavaScript/DOM: What is Node, Node Type, Element

updated. Added a practical example at bottom. Functional Programing (old, pre-JS2015) .

JavaScript: Set Element's Attribute Value

JavaScript: Get Element's Attribute Value

much updated JavaScript Tutorial

Complete update: Xah CSS Tutorial. More to come.

CSS: Linear Gradient

CSS: Box Shadow

CSS: Round Corners

CSS: HSL Color

CSS: Opacity

Updated: CSS Color Syntax

does anyone remember, back in 1999, it's seriously thought that Microsoft might disappear in a decade because of Java and Linux?

Google Search Now Requires JavaScript?

Twitter Spam Technique: Ask Nice Questions, Get Real Interaction, Confuse Spam Detectors

Daily Mail Stealing Images

Buy Twitter Followers!

As i wrote a blog about spammer that sell Twitter follower, another spammer commented right there peddling their selling of followers. See: Buy Followers Scam .

UI Design: Colorful Tabs

If You Meet a Designer, Whack His Head

If you meet a guy who is a designer and is going over the fine points of design, whack their heads immediately and walk out.

Designers in general are the type of guy that's the charlatan types. Language design, website design, architecture, even movie director (for example, Quentin Tarantino), and verging into the general wishy-washy arts department.

For example: Larry Wall faakhead about language and English. Paul Graham about language design (arc) and “hackers”, and painters! Gazillion website design gurus, whose recommendations changes with weather. Then UI/UX hubbub hubbub. Then the writing guilds on style. The entirety of typography idiots who ado about nothing (for example, Knuth, greatest idiot of this arena among computer scientists who fell for it). Then, art of photography, haute couture, fashion design, …. Then, at the edge of the universe, there comes the real artsy folks who lectured on music composition that doesn't contain a single note, or splash of paint as finest art, in museums all over the world.

Sure, design exists, is necessary, and there's good ones and bad ones, with some science based principles. But, more often than not, designers are just a bunch of losers who have too high a opinion of themselves. The successful ones, sell snake-oil.

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Google Search Now Requires JavaScript