Xah Web Dev Blog 2017-08

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JavaScript plotting ellipse

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JavaScript tutorial updates today

the following are updated to ES2015

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CSS: Data URI Scheme (minor update)

JS: Object.setPrototypeOf (minor update)

JS: Image Rollover (updated to ES2015)

JavaScript tutorial pages updated to ES2015

The following, are updated to ES2015. Mostly, change var to let or const.

  1. JS: Object.freeze
  2. JS: Convert String to Number
  3. JS: String Constructor
  4. JS: Object.freeze
  5. JS: Convert String to Number
  6. JS: Number.prototype
  7. JS: Function.prototype.call
  8. JS: Array.isArray
  9. JS: RegExp.prototype.test
  10. JS: Array.prototype.length
  11. JS: Array.prototype.reverse
  12. JS: Map.prototype.set
  13. JS: Pop-up New Window
  14. jQuery Selector vs DOM querySelectorAll
  15. DOM: What Does Live Object Mean?
  16. JS: Boolean Constructor
  17. DOM: Basic DOM Methods
  18. JS: Array.prototype.fill
  19. JS: Property Descriptor
  20. JS: Object.prototype.hasOwnProperty

JS: Raining Hearts (updated to ES2015)

JS: String Constructor (minor update)

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JS: Class (major update)

js destructure array c2cf6
js destructure array
js destructure object f66a0
js destructure object

JS: Destructuring Assignment (major update)

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Google has a new JavaScript style guide, covering es2015, at https://google.github.io/styleguide/jsguide.html

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