Xah Web Dev Blog Archive 2017-08

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JavaScript plotting ellipse

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JavaScript tutorial updates today

the following are updated to ES2015

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JavaScript tutorial updates https://www.patreon.com/posts/14058806

CSS: Data URI Scheme (minor update)

Object.setPrototypeOf (minor update)

Image Rollover (updated to ES2015)

JavaScript tutorial pages updated to ES2015

The following, are updated to ES2015. Mostly, change var to let or const.

  1. Object.freeze
  2. Convert String/Number
  3. String Constructor
  4. Object.freeze
  5. Convert String/Number
  6. Number.prototype
  7. Function.prototype.call
  8. Array.isArray
  9. RegExp.prototype.test
  10. Array.prototype.length
  11. Array.prototype.reverse
  12. Map.prototype.set
  13. Pop-up New Window
  14. jQuery Selector vs DOM querySelectorAll
  15. DOM: Live Object
  16. Boolean Constructor
  17. JavaScript: DOM Methods
  18. Array.prototype.fill
  19. Property Descriptor
  20. Object.prototype.hasOwnProperty

Raining Hearts (updated to ES2015)

String Constructor (minor update)

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Class (major update)

js destructure array c2cf6
js destructure array
js destructure object f66a0
js destructure object

Destructuring Assignment (major update)

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Google has a new JavaScript style guide, covering es2015, at https://google.github.io/styleguide/jsguide.html