JS: Image Rollover

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This page shows a JavaScript based image rollover.

Move your mouse to the following image and see it change. (on mobile devices, touch the image also works.)

tile A

Here's the HTML code:

<img id="img_roll_54998" src="i/tile_A.png" alt="tile A">

Here's the JavaScript code:

let obj = document .getElementById("img_roll_54998");

(new Image()).src = "i/tile_B.png"; // pre-cache

obj.addEventListener("mouseover", (() => { obj.src="i/tile_B.png"; }) , false);

obj.addEventListener("mouseout", (() => { obj.src="i/tile_A.png"; }) , false);

How to pre-cache Images?

(new Image()).src = "cats.gif";

the Image() is a constructor that returns a HTMLImageElement object, which represents the <image> element.

Pure CSS Image Rollover

CSS: Image Rollover

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