JS: Object.defineProperty

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Object.defineProperty(obj, key, descriptor)

Create a property with specified attribute values (if key doesn't exist), or modify a existing property's attributes.

Return the modified object obj.

descriptor is a syntax for property value and attributes.

[see JS: Property Descriptor]

[see JS: Property Attributes, writable, enumerable, configurable]

// Object.defineProperty example

const x = {};

// define a property and assign its value and attributes
Object.defineProperty(x, "p",
{ value : 3,
writable: true,
enumerable: false,
configurable: true}

console.log(x["p"] === 3); // true

Make a property read-only:

// example of setting property to be read-only

// "use strict"

const ob = {"p":3};

Object.defineProperty(ob, "p", { writable: false} );

ob["p"] = 4; // no effect

// if in use strict mode, then it's
// TypeError: Cannot assign to read only property 'p' of #<Object>

console.log( ob["p"] === 3 ); // true

Note: once a property's “writable” attribute is set false, it can't be set back to true.


See also: JS: Reflect.defineProperty

Default Values for Property Descriptor

see JS: Property Descriptor

Define Getter Property

Object.defineProperty( object, key, { get : function, enumerable: false, configurable: true } );

const ob = {p1:3};

// add a getter property key "g"
    { get : function () { console.log("getter called ") }}

// prints: getter called

[see JS: Getter/Setter Properties]

Define Setter Property

Object.defineProperty(object_name, key, { set : function_with_1_param, enumerable: false, configurable: true});

const ob = {p1:3};

// add a setter property key "s"
    { set : function (x) { console.log("setter called with arg " +x) }}

ob.s = 4;
// prints: setter called with arg 4

[see JS: Getter/Setter Properties]

Define Multiple Properties

[see JS: Object.defineProperties]

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