JS: Object.prototype

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Object.prototype is the value of the property key "prototype" of the function Object.

[see JS: Object Object]

console.log( Object.hasOwnProperty ( "prototype" ) ); // true

Type of Object.prototype is object. That is, same type as {}.

[see JS: Data Types]

// type of Object.prototype
console.log ( typeof Object.prototype === "object" ); // true
console.log ( Object.prototype.toString.call( Object.prototype ) === "[object Object]" ) // true

Object.prototype is the root parent of all standard objects.

Parent of Object.prototype is null.

// parent of Object.prototype
console.log ( Object.getPrototypeOf ( Object.prototype ) === null ); // true

[see JS: Prototype and Inheritance]

All standard objects inherit from Object.prototype. So, for any property key k of Object.prototype, you can access it by obj.k where obj is any object. If the object obj has k as its own property, the own property is used.




Value is the function object Object.

[see JS: Property Key "constructor"]

[see JS: Object Object]

console.log(Object.prototype.constructor === Object); // true
console.log({}.constructor === Object); // true


[see JS: Object.prototype.hasOwnProperty]


[see JS: Object.prototype.isPrototypeOf]


[see JS: Object.prototype.propertyIsEnumerable]


[see JS: Object.prototype.toString]


ECMAScript 2015 §Fundamental Objects#sec-object.prototype.tolocalestring


[see JS: Object.prototype.valueOf]


ECMAScript 2015 §Fundamental Objects#sec-object.prototype

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