ADDS Consul 880 Terminal (1970)

By Xah Lee. Date: .

The (Applied Digital Data Systems) ADDS Consul 880 terminal was introduced in April, 1970 at a price of $2,990 to $3,710 depending on options.[1] It only displays upper-case ASCII letters. A single or dual cassette drive can be added to support local storage.

The 880A variant only supports communication in block mode and was introduced in September, 1973 at a price of $3,300 to $3,800 depending on options. The 880A supports up to 96 daisy-chained devices on a single communication line.


ADDS Consul 880 bPCKk
ADDS Consul 880 [image source]

This keyboard is possibly the first to have arrow keys in inverted-T arrangement. [see Arrow Keys History]