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These reviews are design analysis with respect to pure function and efficiency, and a summary of hundreds user's comments from amazon and other keyboard forums online.

First, see: the Best Ergonomic Keyboards, and How to Chose a Ergonomic Keyboard

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Full Sized Mechanical


Optical Switch
logitech g910 keyboard 12 02457
Logitech G910 Orion Spark

Logitech G810

Logitech G710+

unicomp model m keyboard 25675
Unicomp keyboard



HAVIT Keyboard
logitech g410 keyboard 23414
Logitech G410

Leopold fc660c keyboard 72579 m
Leopold FC660C

Happy Hacking
vortex 75 percent keyboard 52592
Vortex 75%
Vortex KBC Poker 3
Matias Mini Tactile Pro

Programable Keypads

ly092 mini keyboard 26590c
SmartYao LY092

Programable Keypads
Genovation Controlpad CP24 Keypad
Genovation Programable Keypad

number keypads

Key Switch Topic

  1. Computer Keyboard Design Flaws
  2. Guide to Keyboard Key Switch Mechanisms
  3. Mechanical Keyboard Noise Comparison
  4. What's NKRO, N-key Rollover?
  5. Blank Keycaps vs Labeled Keys
  6. Keyboard Keycaps: ABS, PBT
  7. Keyboard Key Label Tech
  8. List of Keyboards with Mechanical Switch
  9. List of Keyboards with Topre Switch
  10. XMIT Hall Effect Switch Keyboard
  11. Kailh Switch Keyboards
  12. Mechanical Keyboard and Repetitive Strain Injury
  13. List of Hardware Dvorak Layout Keyboards
  14. Programable Keyboards with Onboard Memory

More keyboards

  1. Water Resistant Mechanical Keyboard
  2. CM Storm NovaTouch keyboard
  3. Keyboards Without Numeric Keypad, Under $30
  4. KBC Poker Keyboard, Ducky Keyboard
  5. Logitech G610 Orion Brown Keyboard
  6. CM Storm QuickFire Rapid-i keyboard
  7. Cherry G84 4100 Keyboard
  8. Razer BlackWidow Gaming Keyboard

misc worthless

  1. Apple Keyboards ⌨
  2. Microsoft Keyboards
  3. Logitech Keyboards
  4. Logitech Wave Keyboard
  5. Microsoft Sculpt Comfort Keyboard

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Keyboard Image Index

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