Do-It-Yourself Keyboards

Bowl Surface

Dactyl keyboard top view 52983-s327x191 Dactyl
dactyl manuform keyboard d5912-s1386x1039-s289x216 Dactyl Manuform
colosseum keyboard f3bee-s333x188 Colosseum
genesis 2.5 keyboard 2019-11-30 gg48c-s333x188 Genesis 2.5
tractyl keyboard pd89n-s250x250 Tractyl
lime40 keyboard qjd4d-s289x217 Lime40
BluffCurve keyboard tm727-s289x217 BluffCurve
naive keyboard d4077-s333x188 Naive
eucalyptus keyboard 33688-s333x188 Eucalyptus 46
ergowarp hm3vx-s289x217 ErgoWarp
atlas56 keyboard x8f89-s333x188 Atlas56

keyboard with mouse

keymouse 2018 009f1-s333x188 Keymouse
Kings Assembly mouse keyboard 41784-s239x261 King's Assembly
moonrim keyboard 86q87-s264x237 Moonrim

knobs and wheels

knobs Keyboard 2019-03 xyxnq-s250x250 knobs
kyria keyboard 2019 znrkz-s300x208 kyria 48+

Ergodox Variations

ergodox infinity keyboard 25150-s333x188 Ergodox 76
diverge 3 keyboard 15717-s341x183 Diverge 72
redox keyboard 81154-s306x204 Redox 70
ergodash fc16c-s306x204 Ergodash 68
Fortitude60 Keyboard 55088-s333x188 Fortitude60
iris keyboard zwqpy-s318x196Iris 54
diy keyboard blue white 6h2jr-s1039x779-s289x216 Gra+SP 52
gergo keyboard 20200121 zgxyd-s353x177
Gergo 50
SilverBullet44 keyboard 2019-12 jn559-s244x257 SilverBullet44
orthodox keyboard 76652-s333x188 Orthodox 46
corne keyboard c6z3s-s409x153 Corne/Jorne 42

Square Slabs

diverge tm2 keyboard Diverge TM2 46
helix ghost in the shell bot 04bys Helix 64, 48
nyquist keyboard 4m37j Nyquist 60
darknight keyboard n3vz5-s325x192 Darknight 60

2 Pieces Split

diy utron keyboard 29726-s368x170 DIY μTRON 76
mitosis keyboard LxmE3-s399x157 Mitosis 48
benzene666 keyboard tmtkj-s333x188 benzene666 76
ve.a keyboard 59g42-s389x161 VE.A 96
Lubrigante Keyboard 5rbz4-s329x190 Lubrigante 97

Flat 1 Piece

fluorite CXL keyboard wjd77-s289x217 Fluorite
super 57x keyboard m57zw-s289x217 Super 57X
bloomer 87 keyboard 800ef-s325x193 Bloomer
lz ergo keyboard 2017 01 23 LZ Ergo
catboard keyboard 87307 Catboard
axios keyboard model 05 02 98801 Axios
Promethium51 Keyboard 32257 Promethium51
signum 2 keyboard 2017 97311 Signum 48
atreus keyboard by Phil Hagelberg 2015-06-17-s289x217 Atreus 42


katana60 keyboard ytjb5-s413x151 katana60
sweet dreams keyboard 71304 Sweet Dreams
hall effect keyboard 2016 11 12 98908 XMIT Hall Effect
humble hacker keyboard Humble Hacker
planck keyboard MustacheRabbit 2015 2 Planck
modern m0110 keyboard 3ac74 s311x201 Modern M0110


keyboard trackball planet6  Kurt Plubell 25273-s289x217 Planet 6
mark5 heart keyboard jesse 2013 04 19 Misc

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