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Keyboard Tilt, Tenting, Orientation


X-Bows Knight 86

misc updates

X-Bows Tablet Keyboard
Kinesis 360
the matrix neo keyboard 2022-08-29
the matrix neo keyboard 2022-08-29
Microsoft Natural Keyboard Gen1 s289x217
Microsoft Natural, 1994

started to use Sticky Key again, on Microsoft Windows. So far, great experience.

Gamers WASD Keys History
fire key shocker
fire key shocker (refresh page meme. circa 2006)
parallelogram trapezoid keyboard kbYsb
parallelogram trapezoid keyboard kbYsb
konata typing lucky star wkR2G
konata typing lucky star wkR2G

Ah. My rsi is creeping back. Too much careless typing in this week. Gotta be super careful. One thing about rsi is that, it is not necessary just too much typing, but too much mindless typing. Meaning, u r not paying attention to proper form or rsi.

Now switching back to this custome num layout. Efficient Layout for Numbers was trying to use normal about 2 weeks ago, thinking, i got too much remap. The problem was, on diff comp, diff keyboard, too confusing and too much to manage. especially when on a tablet. the number remap makes the touch screen keyboard unusable. it doesn't update. But now, switch it back. When typing chinese, or when using lots numbers, the efficiency outweight the remap inconvenience .

BBC Micro Computer


Keymacs, Lisp Machine / Emacs Keyboard

in particular:

also new:

and more major updates:

The Space Key
Tiny Spacebar


Symbolics keyboard PN 365407
Symbolics keyboard PN 365407 Rev C
ITW Magnetic Valve Switch
Hi-Tek 725 Switch (Space Invader Switch)

xah talk show 2022-05-24 best stylus, pen input, trackball, and why happy hacking keyboard sucks

DIY two-ball trackball
Old Trackballs
Kraft Trackball, 1989
xah food 20220516 T44j8-s1600
xah food 20220516 T44j8 Microsoft Surface Pro 4, 2015 and KEMOVE DK61 Snowfox/Shadow Keyboard
Cheap Stylus
logitech mouseman FNtY
logitech mouseman FNtY
logitech mouseman cordless wqKb
logitech mouseman cordless wqKb
Microsoft serial ps2 mouse hVmZ
Microsoft serial ps2 mouse hVmZ
SNK NeoGeo arcade system, stripper ad
Shinobi Keyboard
IBM PC Jr keyboard mjgNG
IBM PCjr late keyboard, 1984.
Rubber dome switches. [2022-05-18 image source https://twitter.com/wuzhangwu/status/1525778391802302464]
Microsoft BallPoint mouse, 1991
Microspeed PC-Trac trackball, 1991

update a ton

Keyboard in Movies
del key besides arrow 2022-05-16
del key besides arrow 2022-05-16

these are the best palm rest

I dislike any keyboard with palm rest. If it cannot be detached, no buy. Use bath towels or books instead. Much more practical and comfy.

Most of the time i got lazy and rest palm on my kinesis advantage 2. But whenever next few min am gonna type nonstop in a burst, i hover. From experience, not hover causes stress on hand. I learned this the hard way. And sometimes when typing in a burst and too lazy to hover, as in some spontaneous debate, i regret not hover. 🙂

Yes, i learned to start to hoover per the proper way, since around 2014 maybe. Even on kinesis. Whenever i need to type a lot, like, next 5 min continuous typing, i hover. Makes a big difference. Have article somewhere. Alternatively, use books or tower, such that they are 5cm high, so that ur fingers dip onto the keys. On kinesis, ur fingers already dip in, but i think not high enough. The point is, even when on kinesis, i feel less stress if i hover to type.

these are the best palm rest

bath towel 39581
bath towel

How to Touch-Type

updated or new


xtodo work in progress

Keyboard Design Flaws

Keychron Keyboard
KEMOVE K68 Butterfly Keyboard

which aspect of keyboard ergonomics is more important?

  1. Most important: mech switch, light.
  2. The shortcut system used. E.g. Emacs default keybinding vs vim, vs xah-fly-keys, etc. Basically, avoid control combo, or have thumb key for them.
  3. At least 6 keys distance apart from left/right hand. (aka split. 1 physical piece with split sections or 2 physically split pieces.)
  4. Tenting. 20deg is normal. This is important if you really have hands on keyboard several hours a day.
  5. The other issues: ortholinear layout. Letter layout (dvorak vs qwerty), are less important.

cleaned up and removed lots old. PC Keyboards ⌨

added a video


now there is a search box. 870 articles. keyboard_search.html

minor updates.

Mac dock station

recommended to me by Andy Lee and ctietze.

Supports two external monitors at 4K 60Hz, or 6K resolution if you are using Apple M1 Pro. Single external monitor 4K 144 Hz. 2.5 Gigabit Ethernet. Audio in and out. Thunderbolt 4 host + 2 downstream Thunderbolt 4. Three other USB-C. Four USB-A. DisplayPort. SD/microSD.

The only negative is no HDMI port, but can use DisplayPort to HDMI adapter, or USB-C to HDMI adapter.


—2022-02-23, Andy Lee

more update.


3D Gel Breast Mousepad

Kensington Orbit Trackball with Scroll Ring
now wireless

Keycap Profiles

Yes. To my suprised, they are diff. That is, been using surface pro 4 since 2019, and since, have had several pen. The original ms ones, and 2 variant active china cheapo, and inactive ones with disk tip and also a mesh tip.... But anyway, turns out, a active pen, and finger, and mouse, they work differently, as opposed to one emulating the other.

Both finger and active pen does not work as well as a mouse or trackpad, in the sense that finger or active pen sometimes simply does not work, cannot activate a right click or selection or cannot drag, in certain app or situations.

In terms of traditional pointer functionality, mouse is best, then finger, then active pen on surface tablet.

I also have the drawing tablet. The drawing tablet as a pointer have somewhat similar problem with active pen on the screen, but better. Quite a interesting saga.

Because before, i thought, finger touch screen or active pen on screen, are just emulation of the mouse pointer by software in OS. Not at all. They are very different implementation of the pointer. At least on MS Windows 10. .

Also, it may or may not matter, the above experience is with respect to using windows in normal windows mode, not tablet mode.

Another relevant point we need to mention is that, windows has this setting about pen, about "let me use it as mouse". It does have some effect in some app, as making it more functional pointer, but overall, still does not work in some situations.

ms pen setting 2022-02-09 72c8
ms pen setting 2022-02-09 72c8

but let me mention, all these detail normally doesn't matter. except, in vivaldi and firefox, u cannot use the pen to swipe on screen to scroll. Which is the most major pain. And plus, in chrome, sometimes, it is impossible to right click with the pen, or impossible to make a text selection of more than 1 word.

Logitech G300s Gaming Mouse


USB-C is Bad

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