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Honeycomb Keyboard
Xah Keyboards
Luigi Colani Office Chair 1970
computer ball mouse mechanism 2005-s
How Mouse Works
Mouse History
Apple Mouse


xbows knight 3vxp6-s250
X-Bows Knight Keyboard

new photo

ARTSEY Input System

(via James Incandenza )

Thumb Keyboard Layouts
my analysis of the Hands Down input system.

GameBall Trackball finally out, after 5 years.

Toshiba T4700CT laptop

updates, big and small.

MacBook Pro keyboard, French Canadian Layout
Microsoft Digital Media Keyboard 3000
Smartfish Technologies K2418B ErgoMotion Keyboard
Why Does USB Keep Changing? | Nostalgia Nerd
May 24, 2020
Nostalgia Nerd
How does a USB keyboard work?
Jun 5, 2021
Ben Eater

Lisp Machine Keyboards minor update

Problem of Dual-Purpose Keys (home row mods)

add to Ergonomic Keyboard Layouts

Contour Roller Mouse

Artistic Keycap Gallery 2 now pornhub keycap.

Huion H640P Drawing Tablet new page on its own. Highly recommended.

Apple magic trackpad yywwx-s250
Apple Magic Trackpad

new page.



Apple Keyboard History ⌨

new pages:

Macintosh Portable BzRs2-s250
Macintosh Portable, 1989

updates and new pages.

Tablet Stylus
Mikicat Stylus
Touch Screen Pen (Non-Active Stylus)


Breathedge Keyboard

City Hunter Keyboard

russian Do It Yourself keyboard wiki https://klava.wiki

russian diy keyboard 20210706123438
russian diy keyboard 20210706123438
russian diy keyboard 20210706123554 FvBnG
russian diy keyboard 20210706123554 FvBnG
russian diy keyboard 20210706123613 hjQCb
russian diy keyboard 20210706123613 hjQCb
Tahion Keyboard VTFpt-s250
Tahion Keyboard
Kinesis Gaming TKO Keyboard
Avocado55 Trackball
Yowkees Keyboard
FLDX45 Keyboard
Molecule Keyboard
QWERTY or DVORAK? Debunking the Keyboard Layout Myths by Hanno Embregts
Nov 9, 2017
xah keyboard 20210704
xah keyboard 20210704

habit is the killer of progress

from 1990 to 2005, my fav keyboard is the generic cheap $5 keyboards.

Computer Keyboards Gallery, Year 2006

Any other shape or new button position different than that i refuse to use.

This shows, that i was also susceptible by habit. When you have no problem, you no want “solution”. Till you type a lot and got Repetitive Strain Injury, then, you begin to appreciate those “odd looking” ergo design you used to laugh at.

new and updates:

Ergonomic Layout for Laptop

first person shooter gaming mouse expert rocket jump ninja

Discovered this mouse expert. He's got some 300 mouses.

mouse expert rocket jump ninja 2021-06
mouse expert rocket jump ninja 2021-06 https://twitter.com/RocketJumpNinja/status/1408417213632061448/photo/1

He's got YouTube, review mouses. I watched a few. Very good.

his website https://www.rocketjumpninja.com

judge amazon review

one of the way to judge amazon review is to look at the rating distribution. cuz if u just read 1star, nothing u can buy. typicaly, 1star is 4 to 5%.

amazon review ratings 2021-06-30
amazon review ratings 2021-06-30

People Do Not Like Trackpad?

xah input device research new finding: it seems, nobody like trackpad. Or rather, people prefer mouse or trackball over trackpad. Because, by searching amazon, there are not many trackpad makers, and not many sells. In context, there are tons of mouses, trackballs, pen tablets.

Muscle Memory User Interface

Emacs vs vim, Compute Keybinding Efficiency

Microsoft Windows keyboard shortcuts: Alt + Space c vs Alt + F4

Windows little known tip: Alt+Space c is more effective than Alt+F4 . It'll work when sometimes the latter won't.

However, Alt+Space c shortcut is language dependent. If the operating system is set to French, it'll have different key.

nerd toys

moroe diy fx trackball

History of Emacs and vi Keys
minor addition.

bow and arrow

Allison Marshall Keyboard
Ploopy Trackball

a great site, by a Microsoft programer who works on keyboard layouts.

kbdlayout.info 20210616071858
[Microsoft Windows Keyboard Layout Info By Michael Scott Kaplan. At http://kbdlayout.info/ ]
norway layout

Discovered Microsoft Surface Duo. A foldable tablet. Runs on Android

Microsoft Surface Duo 2021-06-05
Microsoft Surface Duo Buy at amazon

Sticky Key
minor update

Programable Keypad new item

new index pages

Big fat nice gaming machine. Skytech Siege 3.0 Gaming PC Desktop. AMD Ryzen 7 5800X 3.8GHz, AMD 6900 XT 16G GDDR6, 16GB DDR4 3200, 1TB Gen4 SSD, X570 Motherboard, 750W Gold PSU, 360mm AIO, AC WiFi Buy at amazon

A4TECH WUT-5 trackball mhp46-s250
A4TECH WUT-5 ScrollTrack

new photos.

things bought. Writing review soon, possibly.

amazon phone holder 2021-05-28
• phone holder goose neck Buy at amazon
• WATERFLY Fanny Pack Buy at amazon
• Ampper Blind Spot Mirror Buy at amazon

updated or new page.

AutoHotkey: Toggle Maximize Window

Keyboard Menu/App Key
minor update

no longer recommend Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Keyboard. The keys are too stiff. updated. Best Ergonomic Keyboards, Xah Pick

Japan Thumb-Shift Keyboard
new photo

Dvorak Keyboard Layout minor update.

Windows: Set Chinese Pinyin to Dvorak Layout

holy. new expensive flat keyboard Buy at amazon

Drop ALT High-Profile Mechanical Keyboard — 65% (67 Key) Gaming Keyboard, Hot-Swap Switches, Programmable Macros, RGB LED Backlighting, USB-C, Doubleshot PBT, Aluminum Frame (Halo Clear, Gray)

new trackball from Sanwa. SANWA Wired Trackball. Silent Noiseless Buttons, 34mm Trackball, 600/800/1200/1600 DPI. Buy at amazon

new or updated.

IBM Model 15

Ergonomic Keyboard History

minor updates

Keychron Keyboard minor update

Lily58 keyboard
Buying MIDI Keyboard
soldering pepe
soldering pepe

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