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corner key 34qwn-s333x188
corner key
battlestation matrix hwf9p-s289x217
Nerd Battlestations
royal bar-lock typewriter no4 78843-s217x289

new index.

updated or on page of its own or reviewed.

international keyboard layouts, are basically like qwerty, sucks donkey ass. in many cases worse than qwerty for english with respect to ergonomics or efficiency of input. Including, Chinese Input Methods and Japanese Input Method

contour roller mouse 8mjtg-s289x216
Contour Roller Mouse
Nintendo Switch onscreen keyboard bh6q4-s316x198
Nintendo Switch Keyboard
xah talk show. speech recognition dictation on the Mac.

thank you HK

xah thanks 2019-02-08 9b9s9
xah thanks 2019-02-08

this one is among the popular ones in my reviews. Lots people got it.

x bows keyboard top 26650

But the keyboard firmware has changed since i got it. So, i can't program the keys, therefore no more upcoming review about it. Nor can i use it with extensive customization for emacs. I need firmware programability, because, ① am using Dvorak, ② there are many duplicated keys on this keyboard, and programing keys via OS keyboard tools can't distinguish duplicate keys.

possibly, i'll have a video review in a week. but i need to get a video cam first.

send me some good if you like to see it. amazon egift card to xah@xahlee.org , $20 is nice.

deft pro trackball m6n2d s207x302
Elecom DEFT Pro

This trackball, has the most smooth ball of all trackballs under $150. Added a video.

xah thanks colt kirk 2019-02-06 vdsg4
xah thanks colt kirk 2019-02-06 vdsg4


X-Bows Keyboard Review

L-Trac Trackball

surface pro 20190204 2054-s217x289
Microsoft Surface Pro Review

added lots photos. The integrated touch screen + pen, is truly critical. Beats Apple's. With iPad + iOS, you can't do serious coding on it, and everything you do is sent to FBI, and nothing you could control, even if you are a tech head. But MacBook + macOS doesn't support pen computing, even if you use a drawing tablet. Apple wants you to buy its Magic Trackpad or iPad.


Microsoft Surface Book 2017-02-28-s319x196
Microsoft Surface Book

on its own page. And note the keyboard innovation.

microsoft foldable keyboard fgcq2-s358x175
Microsoft Universal Foldable Keyboard
Bowling Ball TrackBall Flight Simulator


lots update.

Trackballs That Can Spin

Trackball History

Kensington Orbit Trackball z2tsv-s237x264
Kensington Orbit Trackball, 1995?
Kensington Orbit trackball 6wnfg-s277x226
Kensington Orbit Trackball
Kensington Expert Mouse classic 70228-s289x217
History of Kensington Expert Mouse, ~1992
Kensington Expert Mouse trackball wireless 53042
Kensington Expert

Mont Blanc pen

you spent thousand on keyboards. Now you need to get a luxury fountain pen hobby. you buy!

Mont Blanc pen hqng3
Mont Blanc pen
semiergo keyboard layout 2017-41845-s275x227
Standard Ergonomic Layout for Laptop
kinesis laptop x848z-s333x188
Kinesis Laptop
Esrille keyboard 1d102-s289x217
Esrille New Keyboard Review

added a video demo.

more on

surface pro 20181229 yvb8p-s289x217
Microsoft Surface Pro

bought a drawing tablet. See update at

Huion H640P drawing tablet 20190201 wkwct-s-s289x217
Drawing Tablet

possibly a video review soon.

Adesso Trackball iMouse T40 qkr8g-s267x234
Adesso Trackball iMouse T40

discovered new trackball.

Adesso trackball T50 kvgtq-s205x305
Adesso Trackball T50

buy Kinesis Advantage2

Kinesis Advantage2 Keyboard Review

yeah, get it. my complaint is that, watch out if your hand is not big. and, be careful how you use the thumb keys. try move whole hand instead of twitching thumbs. and, i wish it had full sized function keys.

the empty area in middle, put in a programable keypad.

see Programable Keypads

Mac Keyboard Shortcuts

major update

Microsoft surface dial xf579-s250x250
Microsoft Surface Dial

laptop phone cam cover

there is such a thing

camera cover 23rdn
camera cover
macbook touchbar 2017 mnkgr-s334x187
MacBook Touch Bar


apple bondi blue imac keyboard-s289x217
Apple USB keyboard, 1999. (Bondi Blue iMac)
parrot picking keys off keyboard-s289x217
parrot picking keys
Logitech C920 webcam gd42g-s301x208
logitech webcam sucks

and i found a good one.

ghost in the shell typing hand 4e0bd-s333x187
ghost in the shell typing bot
Marble Madness control panel 76702-s289x217
Marble Madness

todo. to review. Mouse vs Keyboard: Is Mouse Bad for Programer?

todo. video about the logitech g502 Logitech G502 Mouse

todo. video about the logitech g600 Logitech G600 Gaming Mouse Review

3dconnexion spaceball 5000
SpaceNavigator 3d Mouse

Ergonomic Mouse

added 2 nice video reviews of vertical mices.

pay me

If you like my work:

What's NKRO, N-key Rollover? (updated)

UHK lisp  keyboard 9pxsj-s289x217
UHK lisp keyboard
katana60 keyboard ytjb5-s413x151
katana60 keyboard

Microsoft SideWinder Mouse Series

mouse history. updated.

Linus tech tip and gamer idt, and what's 5G mouse acceleration?

the Linus tech tip guy, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=16diwK6HWbI is now super annoying. with his whinny voice, driveling about things, with high commercialism, yet trying to be hardcore. he's rich now. churning out video day and night, for the pop audience.

and gamers, are the most idk fk on this earth. wit their mouse dpi and acceleration obsession for decades. these are teen idt, and young adult idts, including, some became mega star and rich. that aspect, is like hollywood actors. rich idits.

mouse 5g acceleration 2019-01 753qt
mouse 5g acceleration 2019-01 753qt

one thing i never understood. what is mouse acceleration, those in mouse specs?

updates. big and small.

SpaceOrb 360-68931-s244x256
SpaceOrb 360

Mouse Reviews

Best Mouse for Programers

Ergonomic Mouse

Microsoft sculpt ergonomic mouse 23464-s242x258
Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Mouse 6000

Review of the Ultimate Hacking Keyboard

Xah Talk Show: Review of the Ultimate Hacking Keyboard. 2019-01-19

For detailed written review, see Ultimate Hacking Keyboard

Kinesis Advantage vs UHK

the answer would probably be disappointing. because i cannot honesty say one is better than the other in general. Both are so good, but the two are rather quite different keyboards, primarily due to shape and size. i was using Kinesis Advantage2 for 3 years now. UHK for 50 days. When i got UHK, i thought i'll try it for a month then go back to Kinesis. But it's really good, and am still on it. I don't feel i have to switch back to Kinesis, nor that i must stick with UHK. I'd say, a easy criterion for decision is, if you want a station at home, get Kinesis. If you sometimes need to travel, get UHK. Also, Kinesis got driverless programing. But UHK's programability is more advanced and so easy to use, i didn't find any bump using it AT ALL. eg. kinesis, u can't make modifier do macro or other key, unless u first program it to be a non-modifier. The UHK, partly because it's visual, and so easy. anyway, i think if u want to decide: here's few points: portability. driverless programing. extremely easy gui programing and more advanced programmability. As to the keyboard hardware and shape... I think it really depends on you. For me, it'd be a coin flip. Also, for those got RSI already, i think Kinesis bowl surface and rectangular grid layout is better. (but i know people who has RSI and can't get used to Kinesis) also, hand size is a factor. If you are, say, Asian Female, then, UHK is absolutely better.

the Logitech G602 Mouse, was some $60, but now $32 Logitech G602 Mouse

Steel Balls for Hand Exercise

steel balls 2877e
steel ball bearings

Apparently, amazon has lots steel balls. Get the bigger ones, as hand exercise balls.

possibly, you can also use it as trackball replacement, but i don't think it'll work well, due to the shiney surface.

See also:

my current mouse for left hand. HAVIT HV-MS735 Mouse Buy at amazon

i don't recommend it.

macbook keyboard worn 2016 drhvx-s217x289
worn keyboards

Trackball vs Mouse, How to Choose Trackball


Logitech MX Ergo Trackball was $100, now $75

hey @xah_lee have you ever tried this logitech? looks like the upgrade to the M570, but im not sure it is worth it anyone else feel free to chime it

it's very good. my friend @AenonSun uses it, and i tried it. i have a page on it but not much info Logitech MX Ergo Trackball i'd say it's one of the top 3, if i'd consider to buy a trackball.

See also: Best Trackballs 2019

Japanese Input Method and Layouts

split into 2 pages.

Japanese input method menu 39864-s213x294
Japanese Input Methods
NEC M-shiki keyboard NEC PC98 1992-s333x188
Japanese Keyboard Layouts

to review https://www.reddit.com/r/MechanicalKeyboards/comments/ackgu1/keyt_my_new_diy_highly_adjustable_wireless/

video. The most efficient ways to switch window/app in linux, Mac, Windows.

The most efficient ways to switch window/app in linux, Mac, Windows.


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wacom is actually a Japanese company. didn't know that. Now more respect.

do you have updated list of best ergo dream keyboard?

Hi Pablo, happy 2019! this list is probably the best one can get Best Ergonomic Keyboards 2019 as i keep watching the scene. Of that list, take off those don't have tenting. and take off perhaps the Microsoft one, and take off Mistel Barocco (cuz too few keys)

that list doesn't include Do It Yourself ones. cuz too many Do-It-Yourself Keyboards. Also, for those with too few keys, a perfect solution is to add a programable keypad. If one allow that, then Mistel Barocco would also be great.

oh, you mean which characteristics.

i see. i think it depends on each's preference. For me, it's this, more important first

  1. Split hands (1 physical piece is ok)
  2. Tented [see Is Keyboard Tenting Important?]
  3. 2 thumb keys per hand. (more is not necessarily better)
  4. Full size physical arrows keys.
  5. Full size physical F1 to F12,page up/down keys.
  6. Driverless programable.
  7. Rectangular grid layout.
  8. Concave like Kinesis/Maltron.

Emacs random chat. I talk about RSI, doing a typing game, rule the world.

Emacs random chat. I talk about RSI, doing a typing game, rule the world.

follow my emacs blog Xah Emacs Blog often there's lots Repetitive Strain Injury related stuff.

Typing Tutorial, Speed Test, Typing Games

[The Story of my Switch to Dvorak By Jacob Crouse. At https://medium.com/@jacobcrouse3/the-story-of-my-switch-to-dvorak-7972a902324d ]

a personal blog on the kinesis advantage keyboard http://www.happyponyland.net/keyboard

How to Set Key to Switch to Browser

2018-09-30 work in progress Arrow Keys

2018-10-01 work in progress DEC VT220 Terminal

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