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Microsoft surface book problems

My Microsoft surface pen stopped working one day after a Microsoft Windows update. Also, typecover keyboard, which i don't use much. But one day, i tried to use it, it won't power on.

updated Microsoft Surface Pro

bought a magnetic usb connector.

ee 4zyf2
NetDot Gen12 USB Magnetic Cable Buy at amazon

bought this

Creative Pebble Speakers 2020 fmm7p
Creative Pebble Speakers Buy at amazon
TP-Link AC1750 WiFi Router 2020 yxhk8-s250
Cable Modem and Wifi Router
Stylus Pen by Mikicat 2020-07-09 z9d56-s500-s250
Stylus Pen

bought Logitech G604 Mouse and Logitech G-Hub is the Worst Software
gonna write a review soon

todo. read. [Chapter 6:CASE STUDY 2:CHORD KEYBOARDS By Bill Buxton. At http://www.billbuxton.com/input06.ChordKeyboards.pdf ]

Bill Buxton is a input expert in academia. He's old, 60 or 70s. He has a collection of input devices and website. But the photos are all tiny. He's on twitter. But i stopped following him. Cuz he doesn't really post interenting things.

I repeat, never buy logitech webcam. Added a video review.

Logitech C920 webcam gd42g 2-s244x256
logitech webcam sucks

Action Camera as Best Webcam

Mistel Barocco is back!

Mistel BAROCCO MD770 475f8-s250
Mistel Barocco Split

Novation LaunchPad

Best Way to Insert Parenthesis/Brackets

Ultimate Hacking Keyboard
updated on the spec of the bridging cable.

cheap action cam can work as webcam

just discovered.

Campark ACT74 Action Camera 2020-07-03 5xngw-s247x253
best web cam

someone bought this. Logitech G700s Mouse. $400 on amazon. by the way, that was the best mouse.

massive curved monitor

Dell Monitor U4919DW 2020-07-02 zys2s
Dell Marketing USA LP Ultra Sharp 49″ Screen Led-Lit Monitor Black (U4919DW) Buy at amazon

someone bought it. join xahlee club discord

Typing Habits, Repetitive Strain Injury ⌨
now with nav box at bottom of every page there.

How to Program Kinesis Keyboard
updated. bottom.

You got my page key philosophy wrong! I am never against page up down key. In fact, prefer to have those keys. And, i've always been espousing ctrl+pgup or pgdn to switch tab. Cuz, it's more ergonomic, and less keystrokes. But most nerd idiots insists ctrl+tab and shift tab. And those hhkb and 60% faaks no even have page up/down key, so they prefer ctrl+tab and ctrl shift tab crap. However, in studying the page key, all aspects, including history, i think it's a sorry state that the page key got invented. Because, mouse wheel, or touch pad swipe, is much more fitting. More efficient. But, understand, we cannot change history. Wheel and touchpad were invented 20 years later. So, in summary, it's a bit complex. Page up/down, physical keys, are great. Faak the nerd idiots with their 60% or 40% faak. But, in view of history, page up/down really shouldn't be there in the first place. Also, i so despise those nerds who use space instead of page down. Page down is proper. Space is hack. For example, u can see emacs, often have space to do page down. And it's very common among nerds in 90s. Faak hackers and their ways.

Keyboard Page Key

llama sticker hsp2h-2
llama stickers, used for keycap homing bump. by Kathy 2020-06-29

see its use at KeyMouse

Keyboard Page Key
massively expanded.

Modifier Keys Usage Frequency
major expansion.

Gergo Keyboard
Massive update. New layout for xah fly keys. Fantastic. And criticism of gergo keyboard.

hisense a5 display ink phone 2020-06-26 68gqy-s333x188
Display Ink Phone
qmk logo 2020-06-24 w584q
QMK Configurator Tutorial

on its own page

Sticky Key

benzene666 keyboard
added. on hexagonal key arrangement

SilverBullet44 2019-12-01 6c7hh-s425x147
octopus girl q6swz-s1039x779-s289x216
Octopus Girl

Mac Keyboard Shortcuts
added tips about save screenshot in jpg format

Windows Keyboard Shortcuts
minor update

Character Frequency Counter. Added new feature. Filter out Chinese.

gergo keyboard 20200121 zgxyd-s353x177
Gergo 50

major update.

Delete Key

photoshop keycaps 2020-05-08 trd9r-s333x188
Photoshop Keycaps
azeron keypad 4t547-s249x251
Azeron Keypad
datahand wnx34-s289x217

tons of new photos.

china double wheel keyboard 2020-06-19 f7t6k
China double wheel diy keyboard 2020-06-19 [source 2020-06-19 https://www.zfrontier.com/app/flow/22466 ]

See also: Keyboards with Volume Wheel

Das Keyboard
minor update

niz plum keyboard 2020-06-19 gcxr9-s370x169
Epomaker Keyboard

List of Keyboards with Topre Switch

Difference Between Apple and PC keyboards

Matias mini tactile pro keyboard Mac 455ca-s346x181
Matias Mini Tactile Pro

new photo. thanks to sezen.

PC Keyboards ⌨

Logitech G502 Mouse
added more photos

Where to Buy Keycaps

Emacs vs vim, Compute Keybinding Efficiency
major update

CODE Keyboard minor update

Microsoft's PowerToys project, the Keyboard Manager, is looking good. added to Windows Keyboard Software Guide

Mac vs Windows vs linux

someone asked me, which is better. A very frequently asked question.

xah thanks  2020-06-17 rxknw
xah thanks capji 2020-06-17 https://twitter.com/calexandrepcjr/status/1273219044661956609

someone asked about typing dvorak with pinyin or other input system.

Elecom HUGE Trackball
Elecom HUGE vs Logitech MX Ergo, A review by Takom.

xah thanks sssslang 2020-06-14 hhxv7-2
xah thanks sssslang 2020-06-14

Trackball Reviews

gboards xahlee 20200612 36rmb
gboards xahlee 20200612

Best Laptop Someone asked. This is my recommendation.

Diverge 4 is out. and bunch of updates on other pages.

diverge 4 keyboard q6dxm-s1389x583-s386x162
Diverge 4

Mac Keyboard Tools

Xah Keyboard Guide
new gui design

Perixx PERIMICE 720 Trackball r4k7k-s216x289
Perixx PERIMICE 720
WordPerfect keyboard shortcuts strip x3k5d clip-s484x129
WordPerfect keyboard shortcuts strip

Windows Keyboard Software Guide
added a app that shows key press and keycode.

Logitech Romer-G Key Switch Robotics Factory

xah uhk keypad 2020-06-10 spz9k
2020-06-10 current status of my Ultimate Hacking Keyboard as programable keypad

See also: Programable Keypads

PERIBOARD-322 Keyboard with Trackball

Kinesis Keyboard Gallery added a new mod.

Best Numeric Keypads minor update

minor updates.

XahTV 2020-06-06. math of seashell, kinesis vs UHK vs xbows keyboards, juggling and math

now, am back to kinesis advantage2 as my main keyboard. I must say, it is truly more comfortable than uhk.

Jonathan Blow smashes Razer BlackWidow keyboard. see How Razer Keyboards Suck

kinesis keyboard covid19 shortage 2020-06-04 pyhrd
Kinesis Advantage2 Keyboard five hundred dollars. covid19 shortage. Buy at amazon
xah thanks jp diy kbd discord 2020-06-03 dn48j
xah thanks jp diy kbd discord 2020-06-03
thumb pain ice pack  2020-05-29 wm5z4
Repetitive Strain Injury will never happen to you. Just someone stupid.

KeyMouse seems gonna continue production. See link to their blog at top there. thanks to Kowodo for the tip.

Laptop Cooling Pad

laptop cooling pad 2020-05-28 nnxnc-s297x210
Laptop Cooling Pad
raspberry pi kit 2020-05 s6b6q-s248x252
Raspberry Pi Kit

Elgato Stream Deck keypad has a 32 key version.

Programable Keypads
minor update.

major and minor updates.

Varmilo EC Switch
added videos.

HAVIT Keyboard
added a video

Guide to Keyboard Key Switch Mechanisms
added kailh choc switch.

How to Avoid Mouse Hand Pain
major update.

Logitech G-Hub is the Worst Software
major addition

mouse with keyboard keys 2020-05-22 w6238
Mouse with Mechanical Keyboard Key Switches
Elecom Bitra Trackball index finger rmxbz-s251x249
Elecom Bitra Trackball, Index Finger
Elecom Bitra Trackball 2020-05-21 6ywvy-s259x241
Elecom Bitra, Thumb

minor updates

add Elecom EX-G Pro Trackball ball size, and to the ball size page

minor updates

hhkb pro hybrid ts vgt33-s1402x578-s389x161

now on amazon.

Best Computer Desk, Folding Table!

minor updates.

Logitech Trackman 1989 Trackball
new photo

magnetic usb connector 2020-05-14 2bmkc
magnetic usb connector 2020 Buy at amazon

this can solve the tablet single usb problem. either you buy bluetooth keyboard and mouse, or you get a magnetic usb connector, and a portable usb hub.

major updates

Ergonomic Keyboards Size Comparison

SkeleTron Keyboard
updated, with correct info.

Japanese Character Frequency

XahTV 2020-05-06 how to avoid mouse hand pain, logitech g-hub crap, paradox of optimal keymap, substance vs milen, Candace Owens

leopold fc980c keyboard 2020-05-08 h2pqf-s289x217
Leopold FC980C Keyboard

XahTV. TRON Keyboard, NEC M-System keyboard Japan Thumb-Shift Keyboard. Topre. 2020-05-08

Topre Switch

The name Topre, came from Tokyo Press, because the company was named Tokyo Press Kogyo Co Ltd, and got renamed in 1985 Oct to Topre Corporation. Also, topre patent expired in 2004. This is probably why, you see chinese capacitive switches, such as Varmilo EC Switch [thanks to Captain Alan.]

updated at Guide to Keyboard Key Switch Mechanisms

KeyMouse minor update.

updated a lot on Japanese and chinese keyboards

Logitech G-Hub is the Worst Software

Once we have rectification of the spelling system, then, we could have proper uniform abbrev for syllables. This would potentially beat stenotype, but with normal non-chorded typing

got ban'd by twitter yester 2020-05-05. Thinking, quit twitter.

Logitech G502 Mouse
added efficient button setup

how often do you open link in a new tab?

Why Swap Mouse Right Button and Middle Button
major update

Pinyin Letter Frequency problem, the removal of v

added to bottom
Pinyin Letter Frequency 拼音字母頻率

core mechanics keyboard zx2sn-s327x191
Core Mechanics Keyboard
NEC PWP-100 mod qt99q-s289x217
NEC PC-8801-KI Keyboard (1983)

lots new photos

eluktronics mag15 gaming laptop 2020-04 vjhxf
eluktronics mag-15 gaming laptop 2020-04-29 Buy at amazon

someone bought from my site link. who is Eluktronics? Probably a chinese nameless brand. Good reviews.

How to Avoid Mouse Hand Pain

updated or new pages

Huion H640P drawing tablet 20190201 wkwct-s-s289x217
Drawing Tablet
Krita 4 kiki 6ffe7-s325x192
Drawing Software
Wacom tablets spies 2020-02-07 q6hzb-s253x247
Wacom Tablet Spy on You
keycap profile wh4ty-s274x228
Keycap Profiles

Hyper 7 Keyboard

reddit, confusion of touch typing, typing speed, and ergonomics

this idiot, am about to address https://www.reddit.com/r/MechanicalKeyboards/comments/g8b055/change_my_mind_touch_typing_is_the_main_cause_for/

lol. what a idiocy. though, thanks for citing my site.

Put a bath towel over your hands. If you can work like that for 10 min, yeah, you touchtype. That's the proper definition.

most people who claim that they touch type but not in the standard fingering, simply cannot do that.

i didn't get rsi because i touch type. i touch typed for 15 years before i got rsi. and i got it because i was using a laptop exclusively for 2 years, in 2004.

you can see this documented here How to Avoid Emacs Pinky

later on i had more bouts of RSI , because i type more than Sean Wrona and your mom combined, for 10 years.

those people who had rsi are mostly because they type much more. similar to pro athletes get more injury than couch potato gamers.

Sean Wrona does not do standard finger, nor dvork, nor consider keyboard important, because, he's a typing savant. He touch type since he's 3 years old.

Barbara Blackburn, world record holder, touch type on dvorak back in 1980s on IBM Selectric.

Also, don't mix hand health with typing speed with keyboard physical layout like noodle. Not sure what you trying to claim. Ortholinear is slightly better for hand health than traditional. Split is critical for hand health if you actually type a lot. (as by a key log, not what you feel) Key letter layout is not critical in speed improvement nor hand health, in general. Lastly, espousing idiosyncratic typing method is idiotic, unless you are a typing prodigy like Sean. AND, ergonomics keyboard means comfort and means no RSI.

if you can cover your hands with bath towel and work for 10 min, yes you touch type.

That is interesting. Did you use an ergo keyboard during the 15 years before you got rsi? Once you got RSI from your keyboard, it transfered over to regular non-split keyboards? Even today? Or is it merely a preference by now?

i started touch typing (standard fingering) since 1987 on electric typewriter. Started to use computer in 1989. Hated ergo keyboards. Till 2004, i had rsi, cuz i was typing on laptop exclusively for 2 years. Got myself Microsoft Natural. Adopted it. Since, never want to type on a normal pc keyboard. After 2 min, feel uncomfortable.

tons of articles i've detailed, start at My Typing/RSI Experience

I think it's funny that you always talk about how much you type and how everyone who disagrees with you just simply doesn't type as much as you do. It's funny, because you seem to miss the irony: your advice would be irrelevant if it is only relevant to people who type as much as you do, which you claim no one does :D

Many questions about hand health depends on how much you really type. This is important: as measured by a keylog, not what you think how much you type. How Many Words Do You Type a Day?

Since 2010, i type more than vast majority of programers or writers, to such extreme that i'd say, many things i do does not apply to average programers. For example, is split keyboard important? well, if you are average programer, then maybe not. So what is “average”? This comes back to your keylog.

when you want the best methods about hand health, it is with regards to heavy typists, not “average” keyboard users. For example, professional ram ball players have professional training to avoid injury as much as possible. Sports training, sport science. Do average person need to follow them just to run a mile? no. Does it mean sport training are all bullshit?

I recommend ergonomic keyboard, mechanical keys, split/tented, and even with curved surface such as kinesis advantage, and dvorak, and proper touch typing, and i recommend lots thumb keys, ban key chords, and in emacs, use modal such as xah fly keys or evil mode, and i recommend dual mouse.

are these tips great for your mom? No. Rubber dom is fine. But don't say it's better.

Sean Wrona, one of the fastest typist

He does not follow standard touch typing fingering.

Keyboards and Layouts:

I am frequently asked which keyboard layout I use. I have only ever used the traditional QWERTY layout. I recognize that Dvorak and Colemak may be better on the hands, but it would be too much of a loss of speed in my case to justify switching. I used a Das Keyboard Professional Silent until it wore out but have since switched to a Logitech Illuminated Keyboard k740. I do not particularly feel much of a speed difference between the two keyboards, although the Das Keyboard probably did feel better to type with.

Typing Tips:

I am also frequently asked for tips on typing faster. I believe my biggest advantage in typing is that I do not necessarily use the same finger to type the same key. I use whichever finger is most comfortable, which can vary based on the context of the letters in the word. I cannot completely explain what I'm doing since I have been doing it since my childhood and it comes naturally, but I do tend to use whichever finger is closest based on the positioning of my hands typing the other letters in the word. Additionally, if you want to increase your speed, do not type each word at uniform speed. Speed through the easier words and take a little more time on the harder words to ensure accuracy. Always focus on the word after the word you are currently typing so there are no unnatural pauses in your typing. I recommend using caps lock instead of shift to type capital letters to allow more flexibility in the hand that you would normally use shift with. Finally, with regard to online typing games, for whatever reason my scores seem to register higher in Google Chrome. Although this won't actually improve your speed, it could improve your nominal scores on certain typing sites.


How to Change macOS Keybinding

Lisp Machine Keyboards

working in past 5 hours, on apl and unicode. Following updated.

random articles of the day.

@Takom#1480 my global keybinding ... that'd be Emacs: Xah Fly Keys then perhaps this article captures the overall picture: Why Tiling Window Manager Sucks (xmonad, ratpoison, dwm, etc)

these links are usually from xahlee discord chats. join.

AboutVFX keyboard 592g2-s301x208

X-Bows Knight Keyboard
new photo.

kailh vs cherry mx switch 2020-04-20 f94s2
kailh vs cherry mx switch 2020-04-20 [see Ultimate Hacking Keyboard]

Mechanical Keyboard: Kailh Switch

splitkbcompare 2020-04-19 xvhs6
keyboard comparison app https://jhelvy.shinyapps.io/splitkbcompare/

random articles.

Gergo Keyboard
added a video, of the creator typing on gergo, with ultra light switches.

tribology diy trackball 2020-04-11 vrpwt-s250x250
Tribology DIY Trackball

Windows: Single-click Open File

Windows: Mouse Hover to Activate Window
new page.

See also:

new navigation panel.

mac keybinding 2020-04-09 vddjg
How to Change macOS Keybinding

Linux: Setup Accelerated Scroll and AutoScroll

Plum Keyboard

new photo. Georgi keyboard.

Georgi Keyboard for Steno

Apple Adjustable Keyboard 1993, for sale. contact hectort256@gmail.com , only if you are serious

Apple Adjustable Keyboard 1993

Kinesis/ErgoDox Keyboard Layouts
major rewrite.

Space Cadet Keycaps

random old articles.

Xah Keyboard Blog Archive

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