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truly ergonomic neo2

this is truly ergo prototype. see Misc DIY Keyboards

and Truly Ergonomic Keyboard Review (it's discontinued)

Why Tiling Window Manager Sucks

Why Tiling Window Manager Sucks (xmonad, ratpoison, dwm, …)#comment-3599541196

another comment. my answer:

your items are mostly false. i don't have time to respond in detail. (as i've done a thousand times to similar mindset and have over a hundred articles on the subject.)

some of them self conflict. For example, you say that window managers are not esoteric keys. Look at your own setup. 99% of linux users would find you crazy, period. (explanation: that is, 99 out of 100 people who are using linux at work or at home, living on earth, would find your setup totally crazy) And that'd be 99.999999%, if we broaden to Mac and Microsoft Windows users.

you, like many others, felt what you said is true only due to your own setup and habit.

if you want the MOST efficient way possible, just follow my advice. because i've studied keyboard and keybinding efficiency for over 10 years now, or 20 years now, if you count my creation of use of dvorak layout on the Mac with resedit back in 1994 and other keybinding on Mac...

sorry taking long time to see your post. it was filtered by disqus. I only see it and “approved” now.

ergodox vs x-bows keyboard, my answer X-Bows Keyboard Review#comment-3868870891

this keyboard deserves more attention.

hall effect keyboard 2016 11 12 98908
XMIT Hall Effect

Latest Thinking on Computer-Related Pain by David M Rempel

Logitech MX Master Mouse

updated. Now, there's newer version, called 2s. also, added a video that shows how the auto ratchet/spin works.

gamdias hermes gkb2000 keyboard 88267
gamdias hermes gkb2000 keyboard Buy at amazon 1500×560

a very weird one. but the thumb keys are great.

stragely that thumb keys under space bar never picked up.

there's a version of NeXT keyboard where there's a whole bar under space that acts as ⌘ command key.

[see NeXT Keyboard]

the classic Microsoft Natural Keyboard Elite (year 1998 to 2014) is now $199 on amazon. amazon see Microsoft Natural Keyboard Microsoft Natural Keyboard

diy keyboards 2018 04 18 9d3f1

Do-It-Yourself Keyboards

helix ghost in the shell bot 04bys
Helix Keyboard

How Many Keyboard Shortcuts Are There (minor update)

versakey keyboard 83d55
Versakey Keyboard

SpaceOrb 360 (updated)

new discovery. mistel's keypad. amazon

nice, but keys are not programable unless you use it together with Mistel Barocco Split Keyboard

best keyboard setup

so, i think the best keyboard setup is get one of these programable ones, and get a programable keypad or number pad, use the pad as function keys. prog keypad = ~$80, but numpad is ~$20. mechanical keys, and easy to program via OS.

Programable Keyboards with Onboard Memory

here's list of best Programable Keypads Programable Keypads

and here's list of best numpads Best Numeric Keypads

so currently my keypad keys are set to do these:

Unicode Keyboard Symbols ⌘ ⏎ ⌫ (updated)

IBM Model M keyboard (updated)

deft pro trackball ce755
Elecom DEFT Pro Trackball
iris keyboard 099f2
Iris Keyboard

Leopold FC660C

Leopold FC660C keyboard. Loved by many geeks, as Happy Hacking Keyboard alternative.

Leopold FC660C keyboard

[see The Idiocy of Happy Hacking Keyboard]

my opinion of Happy Hacking Keyboard , is that it sucks donkey ass. Same with the Topre switch. Topre switch uses rubber dome as key press mechanism. It takes significant force to press, got this hit-bottom problem.

see Guide to Keyboard Key Switch Mechanisms

Logitech G903 Mouse

best ergonomic keyboard for vanilla emacs users

another reddit discusssion https://www.reddit.com/r/emacs/comments/88xr18/best_ergonomic_keyboard_for_vanilla_emacs_users/

logitech fly wheel

maybe i should get a new mouse. am missing logitech's fly wheel badly

Logitech Mouse with Spin Wheel

currently eyeing this Logitech G502 Proteus Mouse

butt plug joystick

joystick AT 5200 09
joystick AT 5200 09.

Artistic Keycap Gallery

added Steampunk 3D working gears keycap

Mac: Key Remapping and Keybinding Tools (updated)

Logitech Trackman Marble Review

this, on Mac, the cursor is too slow, even if you shot up the cursor speed all the way up in macOS pref.

Logitech G13 discontinued

looks like my SmartYao Keyboard died. this one SmartYao Keyboard

takin out Logitech G13 for a spin on Mac. Logitech G13 Gaming Keypad Review seems it's now discontinued.

everytime a trackball or special keypad is discontinued, its price shots up triple. see amazon

the g13's buttons are soo bad. and joystick so stiff. I was hoping to use joystick for browser pre/next tab. and others for close tab, reopen, etc. tried to install Mac driver. a whopping 0.5G bytes, and it want system extension. I denied and uninstalled and put g13 away.

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to understand all issues about keyboarding science, start with this article. emacs and vi: Science of Command Efficiency

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dizygotic keyboard jounz 2018 03 08 49040
X No Chord Keyboard

Goldtouch Adjustable Keyboard (updated. New version of keyboard)

Keyboard Spinner https://www.patreon.com/posts/17344553

Mac: How to Change Keybinding (updated)

Programable Keyboards with Onboard Memory (updated for 2018)

Test Your Mousing Efficiency! (updated)

Mac: Hover to Switch Window (updated. highly recommended. Never click a mouse button again)

Best Ergonomic Keyboards for Small Hands (updated)

wow, this is new. NiZ Electrostatic EC84-S Capacitive Keyboard Programmable Multi-media 84 Keys With PBT Keycaps Capacitive Switches amazon its using capacitive switch, but not sure its topre or new design

Kinesis Gaming Keyboard, Freestyle Edge now on amazon

Mouse Weight Comparison (minor update)

Linux: How to Set Different Layouts for 2 Keyboards

Stenotype Machine (updated)

The Legend of Koizumi, Volume 15, “Senkaku Islands Bloody Battle”

tron keyboard anime cover 52785
TRON keyboard on Japan comics book cover. The Legend of Koizumi, Volume 15, “Senkaku Islands Bloody Battle”. by Hideki Oohwada, Kindai Mahjong Comics. (ムダヅモ無き改革 15 (近代麻雀コミックス) | 大和田 秀樹 )
《小泉麻將傳說》第15集, “血战钓鱼岛”.

Mudazumo Naki Kaikaku (ムダヅモ無き改革 Reform with No Wasted Draws, also known in English by its initial subtitle The Legend of Koizumi) is a satirical mahjong manga by Hideki Ohwada.

It was initially irregularly serialized in the Kindai Mahjong Original manga magazine published by Takeshobo, then switched to bimonthly serialization on Takeshobo's other mahjong manga magazine Kindai Mahjong in April 2009.

The premise of the manga is that international diplomacy is settled on the mahjong table, with real-life politicians depicted as masters of mahjong.

The Japanese title is a parody of Junichiro Koizumi's slogan, “Reform with No Sanctuary” (聖域無き改革 Seiiki Naki Kaikaku).

《小泉麻將傳說》(日語:ムダヅモ無き改革,英语:The Legend of Koizumi,即小泉傳奇),是日本漫畫家大和田秀樹的麻將漫畫,從2006年起不定期連載於竹書房《近代麻雀original》上,在2009年4月起改至《近代麻雀》上連載。

[2018-02-18 Mudazumo Naki Kaikaku]

see Japan TRON keyboard

Using Piano to Type Text (updated)

Keyboard Layout: Dvorak vs Colemak (minor update)

NEC 日本電気 M-Type keyboard (new photo)

logitech g703 mouse 89709
Logitech G703 Wireless Gaming Mouse

wee! kinesis edge is now on amazon. Kinesis Freestyle Edge Gaming Keyboard

my review:

kinesis freestyle edge keyboard f891e
Kinesis Gaming Keyboard, Freestyle Edge

Elgato Stream Deck keypad (added video review)

mechkbd eccamsquattro keyboard 36828
mechkbd eccamsquattro keyboard. 1856×1392 [image source reddit]

Should You Type Space After Comma?

Kinesis Advantage2 Keyboard Review (minor update)

Keyboard Hardware Dvorak vs Software Dvorak

Programable Keyboards with Onboard Memory (updated)

Unicomp Keyboard (added a video review)

mouse history: Logitech Most Important Products

michela keyboard 17605
Michela Chorded Keyboard

Guide to Keyboard Key Switch Mechanisms (updated. Added a video review of romer-g)

Logitech Trackman Stationary Mouse (added a video)

note that in older trackballs, they use a roller for the ball contact. (with mechanical optical sensor) Most of today's trackball e.g. logitech, use a solid material as ball contact points. Arguably, less smooth, more friction.

Best Ergonomic Keyboards 2018 (updated)

VE.A keyboard (minor update)

Datadesk Smartboard Keyboard

This one is truly the best ergonomics keyboard, back in 2006. Had a chance to see it in real life at last Northern Cal keyboard meetup

How to Increase Efficiency in Using Mac, Linux, Windows (updated)

Elecom HUGE Trackball (added a video)

this one, came out last year (2017) with much fanfare, but is it good?

i've seen both praises and nah comments. Some find this to be the ultimate trackball. While others, finding the shape is really not optimal for their hands.

i've seen simliar remarks on • Kensington Expert Slimblade • L-Trac • Elecom EX-G.

with trackballs, you really have to see for yourself which is best, for you.

See: Trackball Reviews

swiftpoint z gaming mouse 42854
Swiftpoint Z Gaming Mouse

haven't seen mouse innovation like this for a decade.

Star Wars BB-8 Droid

Star Wars bb-8 droid toy. interesting mechanism. but the bot is rather idiotic. Sphero Star Wars bb8

in real life, such bot can only be used indoors. Even so, it has lots problems. Gets dirty, head prone to fall off, can only work on smooth level surface, and agility is 0, nimbleness is 0.

the way it works is: imagine a heavy square, 10 cm long but 1 cm thick, sitting at bottom of the ball. The corners are mouse wheels. In middle is a pole, at top of pole is a magnet. The pole can be pivoted.

there are 2 different makers of the bb8 toy. This one, sphero bb8, is better. Sphero Star Wars bb8

Catboard Keyboard 😸 ⌨ (major update)

Scientific Research on Keyboard Ergonomics (minor update)

Alternative Keyboard Layouts (minor update)

Bad Keyboard Advice from Programers (updated)

Best Typing Tutorial, Speed Test, Typing Games (updated)

trackball history

nice article.

[The Scrolling Orb, The evolution of the trackball By Ernie Smith. At https://tedium.co/2017/10/12/trackball-input-device-history/ ]

signum 2 keyboard 2017 97311
Signum keyboard

using Kinesis for over a year now. Still excellent. Kinesis Keyboard Key Remap/Macro/Layout How-To

How to Create APL or Math Symbols Keyboard Layout (updated)

ask Xah, 2018-01-07


Evolution of Laptop Keyboards, No More Page Up/Down Keys! (updated. New pic.)

Best Trackballs 2018 (updated)

Chinese Input Methods (updated)

xah keyboard accolade 2018 01 02 74358
xah keyboard accolade 2018-01-02

Thanks for reading.

Space Cadet keyboard 2
Symbolics Space-Cadet Keyboard
(added a great video)
Logitech Trackman Wheel Optical 48289
Logitech Trackman Wheel
(updated. new photo)
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