Ergonomic Keyboard Reviews

Whether you like ergonomic keyboard mostly depends on whether you touch type. (Most people, even programers, do not touch type.) [see Typing Habits, Repetitive Strain Injury ⌨] [see Touch-Typing, a Relic of Keyboard Design?]

However, if you work professionally as a programer, writer, or any job with intensive computer use, you may develope hand pain. This is when, most people start to look for ergonomic keyboards. (it is how i started to use ergonomic keyboard in 2005, after 15 years of using normal keyboards. My first ergo is the popular Microsoft Natural. Microsoft Wireless Natural Multimedia keyboard Review )

Since 2005, i had mild cases of Repetitive Strain Injury about every 3 years. [see My Typing/RSI Experience 1992 to 2017] Here's my study of ergonomic keyboards. Analysis of their design with respect to hand health, and efficiency of input , and some are hands-on review. I hope it helps you avoid Repetitive Strain Injury.


Ordered roughly in my preference, with some consideration of price.

kinesis freestyle edge keyboard f891e-s289x217 Kinesis Freestyle Edge
Kinesis top view 194406-s289x217 Kinesis Advantage 2
UHK 20181214 split 0dfd2-s289x217 Ultimate Hacking
x bows keyboard top 26650 X-Bows
mistel barocco ergonomic split keyboard-s392x159 Mistel Barocco
ly092 mini keyboard f3281 2-s349x179 Koolertron
truly ergonomic keyboard 2018 0c1b9-s306x204 Cleave
keyboardio m1 rgb 44488-s306x204 Keyboardio
Maltron keyboard-s316x198 Maltron
Esrille keyboard 40445-s289x217 Esrille New
Microsoft Ergonomic Keyboard 2019 ws8km-s339x185 Microsoft Ergonomic 2019
perixx periduo-406 keyboard kwdhy-s344x182 Perixx Periduo-406
Microsoft sculpt ergonomic keyboard 80140-s328x191 Microsoft Sculpt
Microsoft Surface


Matias Ergo Pro keyboard 90213 Matias Ergo Pro
microsoft natural ergonomic keyboard 4000 77419 Microsoft Natural 4000
ergosplit keyboard 80365-s289x217 Fujitsu KBPC E, Ergosplit
typematrix keyboard 2030 29175 s TypeMatrix
goldtouch keyboard v2 2018 36369-s335x187 Goldtouch Adjustable
Kinesis Freestyle s Kinesis Freestyle
adesso tru form media 3500 trackball keyboard Adesso Trackball
kinesis pedal 20191124 gy59b-s289x217 Kinesis Foot Pedal

Research on Keyboard Ergonomics

Scientific Research on Keyboard Ergonomics

Do-It-Yourself Keyboards

Do-It-Yourself Keyboards

Ergonomic Keyboard History

Ergonomic Keyboard History

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