Cahill Electric Typewriter

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Cahill Universal Electric no2 typewriter 56392
Cahill Universal Electric №2 Typewriter. ~1897.
Cahill Universal Electric no2 typewriter 85524
Cahill Universal Electric №2 Typewriter. ~1897. It has a spacebar, but also a “space key” on the right. 〔image source

When typewriter historians hear the name Cahill, they immediately associate it with the groundbreaking turn-of-the-century electric typewriter developed by Thaddeus Cahill, based on a Remington 2. Some might also remember that Thaddeus Cahill built the world’s first electromechanical musical instrument, the amazing Telharmonium, a house-sized music producing and transmitting machine. It was the first iPod, except about a million times bigger!

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when reading about typewriter history, 1890s, you read these baroque inventors, with their elaborate gears and ingenuity.

one must-read of typewriter history is this blog. O, the erudition n elegant penmanship, wanting in today's tweet fuck.

look at this guy ranting about modern journalists' writ on Hemingway. Now, that's WRITING!

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