Ergonomixx Mykey Keyboard

By Xah Lee. Date: .

This one, dates around 1995.

Ergonomixx Mykey
Ergonomixx Mykey. (img src…, , by hoggy)

The design is excellent, given the era.

This is when, Microsoft's ergonomic keyboard has been around.

Microsoft Natural Keyboard
Ergonomixx Mykey 1DSC 0294
Ergonomixx Mykey.

Trackball on the keyboard is brilliant design.

Ergonomixx Mykey 4DSC 0291
Ergonomixx Mykey keyboard.

Function keys F1 to F12, arranged in a circle, like a clock. I think this is brilliant. There are studies, that says a pie-chart menu is more usable than normal rectangular menu. Because, in a pie chart, gives each menu have different position, scattered around a circle. While a rectangular menu is just a list, harder to distinguish one item from the next.

The center must be the arrow keys. I think that's very bad design. Imagine playing pacman with it.

Cursor keys need to be pressed in succession quickly. The way it's shape on this keyboard make it more difficult. Also, it's error prone to hit the function keys.

Ergonomixx Mykey 3
Ergonomixx Mykey keyboard. LED indicators for capslock, numlock, scroll lock.

Also interesting is that the keys {Escape, Print Screen, Pause, Scroll Lock} have been moved to the top, as special keys with different design.

On the right side are: Page Up Page Down Home End Insert ⌦ Delete

Ergonomixx Mykey 5DSC 0290
Ergonomixx Mykey keyboard.

This is a Ergonomixx Mykey. Hasn't been made for a long time. Can't really comment on how comfortable it is as the switches (MEI) are ghastly - very, very stiff. I'm hoping it's an age related problem, otherwise I can see (feel) why they didn't catch on. I like the idea of the function keys in a circle with the cursor keys in the middle, it seems to be an intuitive way of laying them out.

Underneath, it has 4 legs, so it can be tilted negatively (slopes down away from the user rather than up away from the user).

(from hoggy, , source:…, )

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