Misc DIY Keyboards

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ergonomic keyboard DIY 58729
dated around 2016-06-01. not sure where these came from. Found on Japanese forum.
ergonomic keyboard DIY 20210
ergonomic keyboard DIY 63968

Yager Keyboard

yager keyboard 2014-03-19
Yager keyboard . 〔Key count: 66 keys.〕 http://yager.io/keyboard/keyboard.html

Jesse Heart Keyboard

mark5 heart keyboard jesse 2013-04-19
Mark5 heart keyboard Jesse Vincent . Key count: 54 keys. [image source flickr ©]

this is precursor to Keyboardio

Jesse Butterfly Keyboard

this is precursor to Keyboardio

Jesse Vincent butterfly keyboard 2014
Butterfly keyboard by Jesse Vincent. Key count: 60 keys. [image source flickr © by-nc-sa]

The design gets better and better. The butterfly keyboard has great thumb keys, but has a novel innovation: palm key! You just push down your palm to activate it.

Jesse Vincent is a famous perl programer. See Wikipedia: Jesse Vincent. Jesse has a blog at http://blog.fsck.com/

Jesse plans to manufacture them. For news, see: http://launch.keyboard.io/

Mark4 keyboard

this is precursor to Keyboardio

mark4 keyboard 2013-04-19
Mark4 keyboard . Key count: 58 keys. Photo by Jesse Vincent. [image source flickr ©]

Space Station Keyboard

diy ergonomic keyboard common 172 banner
The keyboard from space. 〔Key count: 85 keys.〕 From a Chinese keyboard forum. http://www.likeyboard.com/forum.php?mod=forumdisplay&fid=172

Let's call this the Space Station keyboard.

Truly Ergonomic Keyboard Prototype

truly ergonomic prototype
truly ergonomic prototype
truly ergonomic neo2
truly ergonomic neo2

Truly Ergonomic Keyboard

Nicolas Tavlas Keyboard

Star Trek keyboard?

the image is dated around 2012.

ergo keyboard  nicolas tavlas 1 ergo keyboard  nicolas tavlas 2 ergo keyboard  nicolas tavlas 0
from http://www.techpin.com/the-ergo-keyboard-from-nicolas-tavlas/

Hard to find info about this keyboard. Not sure if it's just a computer rendered design.

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