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Catboard Keyboard

catboard keyboard 15278
catboard keyboard. 60 keys

This is a nice compact design.

catboard keyboard newcaps2 catboard keyboard 01086
catboard keyboard
catboard keyboard layout
catboard keyboard layout

catboard home at http://catboard.klava.org/


Atreus Keyboard

The Atreus keyboard started in 2014.

atreus keyboard by Phil Hagelberg 2015-06-17
Atreus keyboard by Phil Hagelberg. 42 keys. 〔image source ©
   q     w     e     r     t       ||       y     u     i     o    p
   a     s     d     f     g       ||       h     j     k     l    ;
   z     x     c     v     b       ||       n     m     ,     .    /
  esc   tab    fn  shift bksp ctrl || alt space enter super pgup  pgdn

The numbers and most punctuation are on the Fn layer:

   1     2     3     4    5        ||       6     7     8     9    0
   -     +     (     )    =        ||       /     [     ]     {    }
   !     @     #     $    %        ||       ^     &     *     ?    ~
                                   ||       `     _     \

the interesting thing about the Atreus is that it doesn't have the top row of number keys. And, it doesn't have the key columns on the sides neither. (that's normally for {Tab ↹, ⇧ Shift, Ctrl, `, Return ↩, ⌫ Backspace, …} keys).

The Atreus minimize key count extremely, with a total of only 42 keys. So, the Atreus is the most compact. To access number and symbols such as {! @ # $}, you need to press a combination with a modifier key. Its large thumb keys are not right under the thumbs, so i think this is a bit extreme.

Yager Keyboard

yager keyboard 2014-03-19
Yager keyboard . 66 keys. http://yager.io/keyboard/keyboard.html

Jesse Heart Keyboard

mark5 heart keyboard jesse 2013-04-19
mark5 heart keyboard Jesse Vincent . 54 keys. img source ©cc

Jesse Butterfly Keyboard

Jesse Vincent butterfly keyboard 2014
Butterfly keyboard by Jesse Vincent. 60 keys. (image source © by-nc-sa)

The design gets better and better. The butterfly keyboard has great thumb keys, but has a novel innovation: palm key! You just push down your palm to activate it.

Jesse Vincent is a famous perl programer. See Wikipedia: Jesse Vincent. Jesse has a blog at http://blog.fsck.com/

Jesse plans to manufacture them. For news, see: http://launch.keyboard.io/

Keyboard.io Keyboard Model 01

keyboard.io model 01
Keyboard.io Keyboard Model 01 ⌨

Mark4 keyboard

mark4 keyboard 2013-04-19
mark4 keyboard . 58 keys. Photo by Jesse Vincent. img source ©cc

Esrille New Keyboard

Esrille New Keyboard 2014-03-19 25021
Esrille New Keyboard, 76 keys. , from http://www.esrille.com/keyboard/

One of the best. For my analysis, see: Esrille New Keyboard

Space Station Keyboard

diy ergonomic keyboard common 172 banner
The keyboard from space. 85 keys. From a Chinese Do-It-Yourself keyboard forum. image source

Let's call this the Space Station keyboard.

Sweet Dreams Keyboard

sweet dreams keyboard 02465
Sweet Dreams Keyboard. 64 keys.

Detail: Sweet Dreams Keyboard ⌨

Nicolas Tavlas Keyboard

Star Trek keyboard?

ergo keyboard  nicolas tavlas 1 ergo keyboard  nicolas tavlas 2 ergo keyboard  nicolas tavlas 0
from http://www.techpin.com/the-ergo-keyboard-from-nicolas-tavlas/

Hard to find info about this keyboard. Not sure if it's just a computer rendered design.

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