😸 Catboard, ♥ Heart Keyboard, Butterfly Keyboard, Star Trek Keyboard ⌨

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Catboard Keyboard

catboard keyboard 15278
Catboard Keyboard 😸 ⌨

Atreus Keyboard

atreus keyboard by Phil Hagelberg 2015-06-17

Atreus Keyboard ⌨

Yager Keyboard

yager keyboard 2014-03-19
Yager keyboard . 〔Key count: 66 keys.〕 http://yager.io/keyboard/keyboard.html

Jesse Heart Keyboard

mark5 heart keyboard jesse 2013-04-19
mark5 heart keyboard Jesse Vincent . 〔Key count: 54 keys.〕 img source ©cc

Jesse Butterfly Keyboard

Jesse Vincent butterfly keyboard 2014
Butterfly keyboard by Jesse Vincent. 〔Key count: 60 keys.〕 (image source © by-nc-sa)

The design gets better and better. The butterfly keyboard has great thumb keys, but has a novel innovation: palm key! You just push down your palm to activate it.

Jesse Vincent is a famous perl programer. See Wikipedia: Jesse Vincent. Jesse has a blog at http://blog.fsck.com/

Jesse plans to manufacture them. For news, see: http://launch.keyboard.io/

Keyboard.io Keyboard Model 01

keyboard.io model 01
Keyboard.io Keyboard Model 01 ⌨

Mark4 keyboard

mark4 keyboard 2013-04-19
mark4 keyboard . 〔Key count: 58 keys.〕 Photo by Jesse Vincent. img source ©cc

Esrille New Keyboard

Esrille New Keyboard 2014-03-19 25021
Esrille New Keyboard. 〔Key count: 76 keys.〕 , from http://www.esrille.com/keyboard/

One of the best. For my analysis, see: Esrille New Keyboard

Space Station Keyboard

diy ergonomic keyboard common 172 banner
The keyboard from space. 〔Key count: 85 keys.〕 From a Chinese Do-It-Yourself keyboard forum. image source

Let's call this the Space Station keyboard.

Sweet Dreams Keyboard

sweet dreams keyboard 02465
Sweet Dreams Keyboard ⌨ 〔Key count: 64 keys.〕

Planck Keyboard

planck keyboard MustacheRabbit 2015 2-s
Planck Keyboard 〔Key count: 42 keys.〕

Nicolas Tavlas Keyboard

Star Trek keyboard?

ergo keyboard  nicolas tavlas 1 ergo keyboard  nicolas tavlas 2 ergo keyboard  nicolas tavlas 0
from http://www.techpin.com/the-ergo-keyboard-from-nicolas-tavlas/

Hard to find info about this keyboard. Not sure if it's just a computer rendered design.

Dactyl keyboard

Commando 23 Dactyl keyboard 95964-s
Commando 23 Dactyl keyboard 〔Key count: 70 keys.〕

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