Ginni Chorded Keyboard

By Xah Lee. Date: . Last updated: .

Ginn has only 10 keys total. It's designed to be a complete “chorded keyboard”.

Created by Jane Bernhardt, around 2019.

ginni keyboard k5p8m-s
ginni keyboard 1500×907

Where to Buy

Alternative Input System

stenotype machine 2015-53567-s289x216
Akai MPK Mini MKII keyboard controller 71-s325x192
michela keyboard 17605
Michela Chorded ⌨
datahand wnx34-s289x217
azeron keypad 4t547-s249x251
Azeron Keypad
lalboard n2b3q-s366x171
bat keyboard a831d-s298x210
BAT Chording
right handed frogpad 60117-s216x289
georgi keyboard fj4y2-s289x217
Georgi Steno
ginni keyboard k5p8m-s322x194
Ginni Chorded 10

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