G.Skill RIPJAWS Keyboard

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This keyboard, made by G.Skill, a company from Taiwan.

RIPJAWS KM780 RGB Keyboard 42579
RIPJAWS KM780 RGB Keyboard
ripjaws km780 keyboard c5tzzqon
beautiful keycaps.
The Shift key is Chinese dragon.
The ⌫ Backspace key is Fenghuang (aka Chinese phoenix).
The key to the left of Ctrl is Yaksha. (kinda a mix of guardian diety, ogre.)
Ripjaws Keyboard
ripjaws km780 keyboard xm5yq543
G.Skill RIPJAWS RGB Mech Keyboard, with add-on keycaps.
G.Skill RIPJAWS RGB Mech Keyboard and Mouse Review! (MX780 and KM780)
ripjaws km780 keyboard ao44wy3w
Thailand mythology keycaps Ripjaws Keyboard
ripjaws km780 keyboard hqtmdots
custom keycaps Ripjaws Keyboard
ripjaws km780 keyboard gczbqcz2
custom keycaps Ripjaws Keyboard

the custom keycaps are sold separately by the maker. G.Skill/芝奇 KM780R 定制110个性键帽 败家之眼 LOL透光ABS键帽 Can buy at https://world.tmall.com/item/531281298168.htm?id=531281298168

It's about $80 USD.

Much thanks to mysticsiva for the photos. Check out his site for lots more keyboard pages.

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