Huion HS611 Drawing Tablet

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Huion hs611 drawing tablet 2Gxjv-s1000
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Photo by Freddy Freeman, 2021-01-29.
Huion hs611 drawing tablet tjGqd-s1000
4032ร—3024 Photo by Freddy Freeman, 2021-01-29.

Work on Linux

No driver required.

By default, on linux:

Also supports pressure sensitivity.

Though, you cannot use it as a practical mouse replacement because it does not support scrolling. That is, if you swipe down in a browser, it'll just select text instead of scroll down. This is expected, because pen tip down with pen moving means drag. The operating system needs special interpretation to do scroll. That is, if the operating system detect input from drawing tablet, and current app is a browser, then fast drag up/down should be interpreted as scroll.