Ergonomic Layout for Laptop

By Xah Lee. Date: . Last updated: .

This project suggest a standardized ergonomic layout for laptop keyboards.

semiergo keyboard layout 2017 41845
SemiErgo layout.

The design is very sensible.

The Do It Yourself keyboard katana60, has a very similar layout.

katana60 keyboard ytjb5-s413x151
katana60 keyboard

Computer rendered ortholinear laptop keyboard 2021

olkb ortholinear laptop keyboard 2021-07-02
Computer rendered. olkb ortholinear laptop keyboard 2021-07-02 [image source reddit]

Laptop Keyboards

Dell Inspiron laptop keyboard 2014-02-07-2-s250
Evolution of Laptop Keys
thinkpad 360PE keyboard 42810-s250
Chromebook keyboard 71336-s250
MacBook touchbar Norton Commander 34652-s250
MacBook Touchbar
microsoft surface book keyboard 2016 58947-s250
Microsoft Surface Book
Xah No Chord
kinesis laptop x848z-s333x188
Kinesis Laptop
semiergo keyboard layout 2017-41845-s275x227
Ergonomic Layout for Laptop