Microsoft Kinect Device

By Xah Lee. Date:

Discovered new tech toy. Kinect. Buy at amazon

Basically, if you've seen the movie Minority Report Buy at amazon, then you know what it's about.

It's a device that, quote:

provides full-body 3D motion capture, facial recognition, and voice recognition capabilities.

Quite a tall order. I suppose, it's not smooth as the spec and demos like us to believe, but, is a inevitable start of a technology. In perhaps 5 years, it might be the dominant way to control our computers, gaming, or at least, for particular software applications.

Here is a youtube video showing it used to control Windows 7. Buy at amazon

โ€œKinect Treatment of Windows 7โ€

It works by having 2 laser based depth sensor (detecting motion and position), 1 RGB camera (for facial recognization), and a array of microphones (for detecting location and speech recognition).

One million of it has already been sold since it's debut in 2010-11-15. Reviews basically all have good words to say; praising the technology, but note that few games support it, and the novelty wears off. Clearly, a keyboard, mouse, or joystick is far more efficient than a motion detection device, for at least 3 years i think.