Kinesis Savant Elite2 Foot Pedal

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I got asked about foot pedal a lot.

Kinesis Savant Elite2 triple foot pedal
Kinesis Savant Elite2 Triple Foot Pedal Buy at amazon

I'm Asian with small body frame, and often sit with legs crossed on the seat, or, sit with seat backwards with chest pressed on the back rest and legs all the way back. Either way, the feet is in no position to step on a pedal.

Most people don't sit with their legs on the chair, so foot pedal is suitable.

Kinesis Savant Elite2 dual foot pedal
Kinesis Savant Elite2 Dual Foot Pedal Buy at amazon

the price difference of the triple and double pedals is just $10. So, might as well get the triple.

What does it do?

Here's a review of the Kinesis's new foot pedal:

[Reviewing Kinesis Foot Pedal and Emacs By Howard Abrams. At , accessed on 2016-05-05 ]

After reading the review, i think i could also benefit from using a foot pedal.

EXCELLENT USE for ergoemacs-mode

Most emacs users, would think of mapping the pedals to Ctrl or Meta keys. So, you step on pedal, press a key, then release the pedal.

This would actually be an excellent use with ergoemacs-mode, because ergoemacs-mode relies on the Alt key for all your cursor movements. So, you can just step on the gas whenever you want to move cursor.

Step on the gas, and the right hand inverted T becomes arrows, and also move by word with U and O.

Use with Vim, Spacemacs, Evil Mode

For these, a very good use is to set a pedal to do the Escape.

The Escape key is used to switch to command mode from insertion mode. This operation is one of the most used. So, you can now just stomp the pad everytime you are done editing.

and, you can:

System-Wide General Use

The following are most frequently used command:

That's probably how i'd set it up.

You can also set it up to switch window, switch app, or switch prev/next tab, or virtual screen.

For the Mac, you might set it to do Mission Control, or launch pad.

Use with Xah Fly Keys

For Emacs: Xah Fly Keys, it's like vim, a modal mode, so you can set pedal to activate command mode and insert mode.

Music Organ Pedals

organ pedal board
organ pedal board. [image source ]

Have you seen music organ pedal board?

Yes, people can do that. Not hard really, you just need practice, just like typing or even writing with pen. It's a learned skill.

You can buy several kinesis pedals. Heres' how you might want to set it up.

I list them roughly from most frequently used command first.

  1. 1 pedal = Copy 【Ctrl+c
  2. 1 pedal = Paste 【Ctrl+v
  3. 1 pedal = Previous window. 【Alt+Tab
  4. 1 pedal = Next window. 【Alt+Shift+Tab
  5. 1 pedal = Previous tab.
  6. 1 pedal = Next tab.
  7. 1 pedal = Toggle Maximize window.
  8. 1 pedal = Hide/minimize current window.
  9. 1 pedal = Switch to browser.
  10. 1 pedal = Switch to Desktop.
  11. 1 pedal = Next virtual screen.
  12. 1 pedal = Previous virtual screen.

Note: the shortcut keys will be different depending on your operating system.

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